An ever-changing landscape

The future of cybersecurity in the energy sector

Increased connectivity—including the increasing significance of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), supply chains, customers, and operations—brings new operational cybersecurity risks and threats that demand attention. The critical infrastructure sectors that GE Vernova’s products support are subject to an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. As such, GE Vernova continuously integrates end-to-end cybersecurity to help promote integrity throughout the product lifecycle.

GE Vernova has developed a product security program based on industry-leading standards—such as IEC 62443-2-4—to support the development of secure products across people, process, and technology and allows GE Vernova’s customers to continue to power the future.

Cybersecurity for the energy sector

Cybersecurity for energy and utilities reflects a global need to shield essential social structures. Utility cybersecurity—such as solutions from GE Vernova—can help guard against damages from local service disruption and supply chain issues with global impact. Financial loss from ransomware can also be devastating, making cybersecurity for energy and utilities a priority.

OT (operational technology) cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for energy and utilities is continually more complex. Operational technology (OT)—which runs energy system operations—is a prime target of cyber crime. Many utilities and plants collaborate with an expert to support OT cybersecurity with specialized skills and 24/7 performance. GE Vernova offers flexible solutions to advance cybersecurity in the energy sector and can meet your unique cybersecurity OT needs


Real-time cybersecurity solutions specifically for OT environments

Focus staff efficiency

We enable you to implement proven, pre-integrated solutions, and patches. We can assist with ongoing efforts like maintenance, patching, and hardening—so your team can focus on plant operations.

Boost product lifecycles

We can deliver effective products and proactive, expert-level services that help your organization prevent issues, prolong system usage, and enhance the lifecycle of your investments.

Reduce cybersecurity risk

We can help your organization strengthen its safeguards; so that you can reduce exposure to cyber-attacks and most consistently comply with policies and mandates.

Reduce disruption and avoid downtime

Our products and services are enhanced for critical power-generation OT environments. Through our validated solutions and proactive maintenance services, your organization can take steps to avoid system issues and urgent repairs.


Our security approach

GE Vernova has established a product security program driven by and tied to the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (Version 1.1) and incorporates other leading industry practices—including NERC CIP, ISO 27001/2, IEC 62443-2-4, and NIS. The program is focused on reducing the cybersecurity risk associated with cyber-applicable products, enabling GE Vernova to be more vigilant towards emerging threats and continuously improve cybersecurity early on and throughout the product development lifecycle.

To accomplish this, GE Vernova has established key areas of a product security program from a programmatic level—including, but not limited to, designating Product Security Leads (PSLs), a defined product security program framework, a well-structured governance model, and product-level security controls (for example, remote access, access management, logging, and monitoring).


Security advisories and bulletins

GE Vernova’s products operate in a highly dynamic operating environment that is marked by threats that are constantly changing and evolving. As such, it is critical to maintain product security throughout the product lifecycle of marketed products, including components sourced from third party suppliers. 

Our security advisories for GE products help let our customers know about technical improvements, maintenance practices, or safety concerns regarding GE supplied equipment.


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Our commitment

GE Vernova product cybersecurity white paper

As GE Vernova’s products operate in a highly dynamic operating environment marked by constantly changing and evolving threats, it's crucial that we maintain product security throughout the product lifecycle of marketed products—including components sourced from third party suppliers. Read our white paper for a concise summary of our commitment to integrating security throughout the lifecycle of each of our products, from inception to end-of-life.

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