Supporting economic growth in Vietnam

The right solution for Vietnam’s energy needs

With a strong local presence and a commitment to helping grow Vietnam’s economy with the latest energy-efficient technologies, GE has gas turbine solutions to help Vietnam meet current energy needs while providing a path to continued regional growth.

Gas turbine technology can provide energy security through the production of reliable, flexible and sustainable energy that supports and complements renewable energy sources. This is known as “grid firming.”

  • H-class gas turbines
  • Aeroderivative gas turbines
Cost-effective power

Introducing the 9HA.02 gas turbine

Our HA gas turbine fleet has the lowest cost conversion of fuel to power, which translates to more power at a lower cost, lower maintenance needs, and reduced CO2 emissions—all good news for Vietnam’s energy producers and consumers looking to spend less on electricity.

With the 9HA.02 gas turbine fleet, you will benefit from higher combined-cycle efficiency:

  • Operational flexibility
  • Proven technology, global experience
  • Lower emissions
  • Industry-leading reliability and availability
  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Local presence
Grid firming to support renewable power

Meeting tomorrow’s capacity planning challenges—today

Grid firming or grid balancing (also known as capacity firming or renewable firming) is the addition of another energy resource to a renewable power plant to provide secure, stable power any time the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Grid firming is vital for any power generation network, especially one like Vietnam’s, with a high percentage of renewable power sources.

Introducing aeroderivative gas turbines

Born from aviation technology, GE’s aeroderivative portfolio features highly flexible and mobile technologies for use in a wide variety of applications, including utility generation, district heating, mobile power, fast power, and of course, grid stability. GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines have a wide range of characteristics that makes them exceedingly suitable for capacity firming.

The LM2500XPRESS can run on 35% hydrogen, and when an SCR is added to the unit to reduce emissions even further, NOx can be reduced to 2.5 ppm and CO to 4ppm.


With the LM2500XPRESS gas turbine, you will benefit from:

  • Up to 38.5% efficiency
  • 35% hydrogen capable
  • 99.5% reliability
  • 98.7% availability
  • 34 MW of additional power

The LM6000 offers 99%+ reliability and 98% availability. It can start up in 5 minutes, and its dual-fuel capabilities provides fuel flexibility and helps customers meet emissions limits.


With the LM6000 gas turbine, you will benefit from:

  • Up to 41.4% net efficiency
  • Over 99% reliability
  • Over 98% availability
  • 5-minute start time
  • 53 MW of additional power
A leader in H-class technology

Benefits of partnering with GE Gas Power

The highly efficient, air-cooled 9HA gas turbine is an industry leader in the H-class space, delivering exceptionally low lifecycle costs per megawatt to Vietnam.

Combined-cycle efficiency

Cost-efficient conversion of fuel to electricity

Our H-class gas turbines enable the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity to help Vietnamese utilities meet increasing power demands while saving operating costs and meeting local emissions requirements. 

Our HA gas turbines have earned two world records for efficiency—one for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant for EDF in Bouchain, France (achieving 62.2% efficiency on a net combined-cycle basis on a 50 Hz grid), and a second world record for achieving 63.08% gross efficiency on a 60 Hz grid at the Nishi-Nagoya Power Station in Japan.

Leading the gas turbine industry

Operational flexibility

Our 9HA.02 gas turbine features a fast, 30-minute ramp-up from start command to full load, and up to 88 MW/minute ramping capability in a 1x1 configuration or 176 MW/minute in a 2x1 multi-shaft configuration. 

The 9HA.02 also offers both standby and response modes to deliver emission-compliant operation at load levels of minimum fuel consumption. This feature complements plant turndown capability of 33% of full-load output. These units are also fuel flexible, with the ability to accommodate gas and liquid fuels with wide gas variability, including high ethane (shale) gas, hydrogen-blending, low-and-medium BTU gas and liquefied natural gas.

Proven technology

Tried and tested gas turbines

Installing a gas turbine in your plant shouldn’t involve any unknowns. Across our HA fleet, each original turbine is put through a rigorous full-speed, full-load (FSFL) validation test at our Greenville, South Carolina facility.

This $200 million investment allows us to push the units beyond real-world conditions—running the turbines at 110% of their rated speeds at load, and replicating the harshest conditions, from the Arabian Desert to the mountains of Colorado—all to ensure that our customers have security of supply for their end users.

Simplified modular design

Faster installation reduces time and cost

GE’s HA gas turbine auxiliary systems are pre-configured, factory-assembled and tested modules engineered to reduce field connections, piping, and valves.

This translates to a simpler, faster installation that requires less labor and reduces field schedule and installation quality risks while improving overall installation times—up to 25% quicker compared to GE F-class gas turbine enclosures. This modular configuration also makes it easier for technicians to perform any needed maintenance over the gas turbine’s lifecycle.

Industry recognition

Recognized for leading in industry excellence

GE is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that has been previously recognized by a 3rd party for setting two world records for powering the most efficient plant in an H-class combined-cycle (CC) application: 63.08% gross CC efficiency at Chubu Electric’s Nishi Nagoya power plant in Japan (7HA, 60Hz), and 62.22% net CC efficiency at EDF’s Bouchain power plant in France (9HA, 50Hz).

In 2021, Southern Power Generation’s 1.4 GW Track 4A power plant, a natural gas-fired power plant in southern Malaysia—equipped with the first commercial GE 9HA.02 gas turbines—was recognized by POWER Magazine as their “2021 Power Plant of the Year” and by Diesel & Gas Turbine WORLDWIDE as “Power Plant of the World”, a meaningful model for balancing climate awareness, energy affordability, and reliability.

In addition, GE’s HA technology was adopted at China Huadian Corp’s Juliangcheng plant to help accelerate the retirement of existing coal-fired capacity and replace it with new, highly efficient combined-cycle gas turbines—an important role that earned POWER Magazine’s “ReinventionAward”.

Global experience

Proven technology throughout the world

GE introduced H-class technology to the industry 26 years ago. Today, GE’s HA product portfolio—first introduced in 2014—was engineered to reduce carbon emissions and to help support today’s flexible power generation model. The H-class portfolio leverages GE’s advanced combustion and compressor technology along with critical advancements in material science, design and coatings for higher output and performance.

GE’s HA portfolio is the world’s fastest-growing fleet in its class with more than 129 gas turbines ordered by 50+ customers across 20 countries. Our HA technology has accumulated more than 1M operating hours (as of August 2021) at 30 customer sites globally, and 2/3rd of our HA operating fleet has 16K+ operating hours and it is ready to help tackle Vietnam's power needs.

Lower CO2 emissions

Powering Vietnam towards decarbonization with the lowest emissions in the industry

The 9HA’s DLN 2.6e combustion system offers a step change in performance, emissions, and fuel flexibility. The DLN 2.6e maintains many of the elements of GE’s DLN 2.6+ combustion system and introduces advanced premixing for reduced NOx emissions while enabling high plant efficiency.

Its advanced premixer enables expanded fuel flexibility to operate on both “rich” and “lean” gaseous fuels, a 50% hydrogen (H2) capability with a future technology pathway to 100%, a gas turbine turndown to more than 30% load, and an optional park mode at 7-15% load, further reducing customers’ operating costs.

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Aeroderivative Technology for Vietnam: Staying competitive with flexible, fast, reliable power

Derived from aviation technology, GE’s aeroderivative portfolio features turbines that provide economic benefits, a better-quality grid, and cleaner power with lower emissions.

Local presence

Working together to grow Vietnam’s power economy

GE is committed to fueling Vietnam’s growth through development of local talent in high value sectors like engineering, and we work with local SMEs and suppliers. Our technologies support Vietnam’s diverse energy mix by providing more reliable and flexible power. But we’re not only focused on gas turbines: Today, our solutions also include plant-wide offerings such as steam turbines, generators and HRSGs.

Partners for progress

GE’s 9HA.02 projects in the region

GE’s HA gas turbine technology is the technology of choice for the region’s power providers, and GE already has a strong footprint in the ASEAN region, with 5 9HA.02 projects—for a total of 10 9HA.02 gas turbines—currently under construction. Learn more about these projects.

MALAYSIA - Track 4 (Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant), Pasir Gudang (Johor Malaysia)

Owned by Southern Power Generation Sdn Bhd., this 1440 MW combined-cycle power plant is due to begin operations mid-2020 and will become home to Malaysia’s first GE 9HA.02 gas turbines. The heart of the plant will be two generating blocks, each equipped with a 9HA.02 gas turbine, generator and heat recovery steam generator. Overall plant performance will be monitored and enhanced with GE’s Predix* asset performance management (APM) software and Fleet360* platform of gas plant solutions.

POWER Magazine’s 2021 Power Plant of the Year


MALAYSIA - Track 4B, Alor Gajah (Melaka)

Owned by Edra Power, this 2,242 MW combined-cycle power plant is due to begin operations in 2021 and will be the country’s largest combined-cycle gas turbine power plant. Powered by 3 of GE’s 9HA.02 gas turbines, it is capable of providing up to 10% of Malaysia’s electricity needs.


INDONESIA - Tambak Lorok (Semarang, Central Java)

An initiative under the government’s plans of achieving 35,000 MW capacity, the 780 MW combined-cycle Tambak Lorok power plant will house Indonesia’s first 9HA gas turbine—as well as a GE generator, D650 steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and balance of plant equipment. Expected to begin operations in 2021, the plant will provide enough power to supply the equivalent of up to 5 million homes and help ensure more reliable and affordable electricity for the Java-Bali grid.


INDONESIA - Jawa One (Cilamaya)

Part of the Indonesian government’s 35 GW electrification initiative to power close to 11 million homes throughout the country, the 1750 MW Jawa One combined-cycle power plant is due to begin operations in 2021 and will be powered by two units of GE’s 571 MW 9HA.02 gas turbines and two units of the 309 MW D652 steam turbine. The plant will also be serviced by GE as part of a 25+ multi-year agreement that includes APM digital solutions, commissioning and installation, parts, field and repair services.


THAILAND - EGAT Bangpakong (Bangkok)

Thailand's largest gas-fired power plant, this 1,400 MW combined-cycle facility is owned and operated by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and will be equipped with 2 of GE's 9HA gas turbine. Currently planned for completion in 2020, the plant is expected to deliver more than 1,400 MW to the national grid – enough electricity to supply the equivalent of up to 2 million average Thai homes and will help Thailand achieve its goal of securing 57,460 MW of power generation capacity by 2036.

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9HA ready to power 3 million homes in Malaysia

“We have a longstanding relationship with GE and we trust its HA technology will help us meet the increasing power demand and contribute to long-term energy security needs in Malaysia. We are proud to see how GE has adapted with hard work and efficiency to achieve the start of their first ever commercial operation for the 9HA.02 gas turbines despite the COVID-19 pandemic without compromising on health and safety.”

Dato’ Haji Nor Azman bin Mufti, Chairman of SPG

Technology in motion

See our HA gas turbines in action

Advanced manufacturing and repair technology R&D Center in Singapore to develop next-generation repair capabilities for GE HA gas turbines

GE’s gas turbine validation facility in Greenville, South Carolina (USA) 


Repairs and service centers in Asia

With local repair capabilities and the strength of our global expertise, GE is the service provider of choice in Asia, where we have 90% in-region self sufficiency for heavy duty gas turbines—including the HA.

Hear from our customers

GE’s gas turbines for grid firming

FRANCE - EDF Bouchain

Firming France’s grid

With 70% of France’s electricity generated by nuclear power, coal plants being retired and renewable capacity installation growing, the country needed a flexible, efficient source of backup power to stabilize the grid. The EDF Bouchain power plant installed the first commercial 9HA heavy duty gas turbine from GE and quickly established a world record performance with 62.22% net combined-cycle efficiency and 99.8% reliability.



Keeping Australia powered

In 2019, Infigen announced it would be leasing 4 x 30 MW TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbines. Infigen was attracted to the assets due the their fast-start capability, dual-fuel flexibility, portability, and low maintenance costs. The units will complement Infigen’s renewable energy portfolio, while contributing to grid stability and reliability in South Australia.


TEXAS - Exelon

Bridging the hydro gap

Exelon, one of the largest U.S. power generators, purchased four GE 7HA gas turbines and other technologies for its Wolf Hollow and Colorado Bend 1000 MW combined-cycle projects. With air-cooled condensers that need just 10% of the water normally required to cool large installation, GE’s technologies are helping save millions of gallons of water a day—a critical benefit for a drought-prone region. According to plant operators, the gas turbines are so efficient, “we can measure the prevailing wind speed in west Texas by the power output of our turbines.”


TOBAGO - Cove Power Plant

Supporting a renewable energy future

In 2018 the island nation of Tobago added 20 MW of power to its electricity grid with the region’s first LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine. Purchased for Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission’s Cove Power Plant, the compact, lightweight turbine is delivering power with a reliability greater than 99% to support Trinidad and Tobago’s grid, which is growing fast and expected to bring on additional renewable energy sources in the near future. Aeroderivative gas turbines like the LM2500 have a cycling capability that allows for multiple starts and stops every day, along with high partial load efficiency and deep turndown flexibility, making them ideal for grid firming.


NASSAU - Bahamas Power & Light Company Ltd.

Powering an island

Bahamas Power & Light Company Ltd. Recently installed a GE TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine in its Blue Hills plant. The gas turbine will provide up to 34 MW of power for the island, enough to support the power consumption of up to 18,000 customers. The additional power will also help improve frequency control of the island’s grid, helping to reduce power outages caused by frequent hurricanes and peaks in energy demand due to tourism.


CALIFORNIA - Sentinel Energy

Stabilizing wind power

Southern California has become a hotbed for renewable energy projects. To offset the intermittency of Coachella Valley’s 700+ MW of wind power capacity, Competitive Power Venture (CPV) constructed the world’s largest facility—800 MW—using GE’s intercooled LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbine. The turbine was selected for its rapid start (10 minutes) and ramp rate (greater than 10 MW per minute) capabilities. Eight total turbines provide a wide range of dispatch loads—from 50 MW to 800 MW—and a variety of ancillary services, like spinning- and non-spinning reserve, to help stabilize the grid and support intermittent renewable power sources.


BANGLADESH - Shahjibazar Power Plant

Offering flexibility

Southern California has become a hotbed for renewable energy projects. To offset the intermittency of Coachella Valley’s 700+ MW of wind power capacity, Competitive Power Venture (CPV) constructed the world’s largest facility—800 MW—using GE’s intercooled LMS100 aeroderivative gas turbine. The turbine was selected for its rapid start (10 minutes) and ramp rate (greater than 10 MW per minute) capabilities. Eight total turbines provide a wide range of dispatch loads—from 50 MW to 800 MW—and a variety of ancillary services, like spinning- and non-spinning reserve, to help stabilize the grid and support intermittent renewable power sources.


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