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Working Together to Accelerate Your Digital Industrial Transformation

Working Together to Accelerate Your Digital Industrial Transformation
Experience GE's world-class digital industrial transformation offerings at the GE Digital Europe Foundry in Paris. You can work with domain experts to create a strategic business case for digital transformation, with steps customized to your maturity and aspirations.

Rapidly Solve Problems and Prototype Solutions
Identify opportunities, apply design thinking practices, and co-create solutions. Your teams will work with our software engineers, data scientists, and UX designers to accelerate prototyping and test product viability.

Join the World's Largest Digital Industrial Ecosystem
Get connected with CDO forums, the latest industrial IoT technologies, exciting new startups, and Predix developer events for your engineers. At the Europe Foundry, we are accelerating start-ups to solve the most critical needs of our customers. With NUMA, 5 European start-ups developed new Predix apps. With hackathons and events, we foster new ideas and are always looking for new co-creation partnerships.

With the Foundries, GE Digital wants to have a place where we can create value with our customers, partners and the broader ecosystem” says Vincent Champain, General Manager, GE Digital Europe Foundry

By 2018, 250 experts in Data Science, Software Development, UX Design and Engineers will work in the GE Digital Europe Foundry.