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GE Power in Egypt

GE is working closely with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) on the ‘Egyptian Power Boost Program,’ to supply 46 advanced gas turbines, in 14 sites nationwide, to add 2.6 gigawatt of power to the grid. Today, over 140 GE advanced gas and steam turbines are installed in Egypt, generating 15.5 GW of power to the grid, enough to meet the electricity needs of more than 15 million homes across Egypt.

Some of the major power generation services projects include the Cairo North, El Shabab, Kuraymat, Demietta and Banha power plants. These power plants are powered by GE’s heavy duty gas turbines (9E, 9FA, 6FA, F5) and steam turbines which help EEHC meet the most challenging energy needs in a reliable and efficient way.

GE is constantly working with EEHC to improve the performance of its power plants; in 2012, GE installed the Dry Low Nox (DLN) technology as an upgrade to the turbines at El Shabab and Damietta power plants to reduce emissions and downtime.

GE is also partnering with Carbon Holdings to build the world’s largest naphtha cracker plant located in Ain Sokhna with integrated solution from GE’s Power and Oil & Gas solutions portfolio. The US$3.8 billion complex features a power, water desalination and water treatment plant. The project will employ a combined cycle power plant to generate 300 MW of power. The full-fledged water desalination plant, featuring reserve osmosis filtration technology, has a generation capacity of 3,800 cubic meters per hour. Carbon Holdings expects the plant’s construction to create a total of 20,000 jobs throughout the execution of the project and to increase the country’s exports with 25%.

GE Power also serves as a partner and a solution provider to the Egyptian Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC), which produces liquid ammonia for export that is used in fertilizers. EBIC lacked sufficient water supplies for operations due to unreliable and intermittent city water sources. To assist, GE offered EBIC solutions that included Reverse Osmosis, Electrodialysis Reversal and monitoring systems to reduce their water consumption, increase water availability and eliminate the need for wastewater disposal. By treating and reusing corrosive wastewater, GE helped EBIC minimize their dependence on intermittent water supplies.

Products and Services:

GE 9E Gas Turbine

GE’s robust and proven workhorse turbine, the 9E has logged more than 30 million hours of heavy-duty service around the globe since its introduction in 1978. The 50 Hz turbine accommodates a wide range of fuel, from natural gas to biofuels, and is being put to use in some of the warmest and coolest climates around the world, including Egypt.

True Sense for Cooling Water Treatment

TrueSense for Cooling water treatment continuously measures and applies the right amount of chemistry for corrosion, deposit and microbiological control.


GE’s ZeeWeed ultrafiltration (UF) hollow-fiber membranes are used for drinking water, wastewater, tertiary and water reuse applications, as well as industrial feedwater and reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment. The advanced technology is operational in thousands of municipal, industrial and commercial applications worldwide.