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What is Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

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Every step in the manufacturing process generates gigabytes of valuable data every time it's run. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) track, control and document these steps in real-time helping manufacturers optimize production by understanding conditions on the plant floor. Predix MES solutions provide contemporary design and visualization coupled with accelerated development and deployment. 

Read how other customers gained manufacturing excellence

Read how other customers gained manufacturing excellence

9 Results
Predix HMI / SCADA

Brüggen Improves Workflow and Optimizes Production Processes

Read how data analysis and real-time management—powered by GE Digital's iFIX, Historian and Plant Applications—provide Brüggen with process control and…

Tarmac limestone manufacturing
Predix HMI / SCADA

Tarmac Builds Modern Manufacturing Production Facility with GE Digital

Read how Tarmac, the largest producer of lime in the UK, used GE Digital iFIX industrial software to create a modern, scalable, adaptable and controllable…

Food & Beverage, CPG

Spomlek Improves Manufacturing Line Operations

Learn how Spomlek optimized its manufacturing operations, increasing line efficiency and monitoring its equipment in real-time to better predict potential…

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Industrial Apps

Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

Plant Applications

Maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improve production scheduling, and ensure product quality by leveraging real-time production data.

Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

Predix Manufacturing Data Cloud

Consolidate and transform manufacturing data across plants for cloud storage, analysis, and analytics.