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GE Digital’s Remote Monitoring Services for Industrial Organizations

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We understand the challenges you are facing in today's environment. Condition monitoring programs are under stress. Turnaround work is being deferred. Contract workers may be unavailable and other workers need to work offsite.  

GE Digital is here to help.  Learn about our short term remote monitoring offering provided by professionals with extensive experience in your industry.

Industrial Managed Services

Industrial Managed Services | GE Digital | IIoT

Remote Monitoring for IIoT powered by Digital Twin

Our industrial managed service team monitors more than 7,000 assets across the globe and advises customers to help them put their industrial data to work.


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Using our core GE Digital Twin Blueprint library, our Industrial Managed Services Team virtually monitors over 7000 managed assets around the world. Every day, Digital Twin blueprints monitor 250,000 tags in real-time, generating over 60 catches a week. These catches can range from recommending a $2000 sensor replacement, to preventing a $60 million plant failure.