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GE Digital and Forrester: Sustainability and Profitability Interview

38 mins


  • Steve Deskevich

    Steve Deskevich

    Vice President, Digital Product Management

    GE Digital

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The Energy Transition, at the pace and scale required, is no simple matter. It will take innovation, collaboration, and cooperation at an unprecedented level. It will require physical changes in how we generate, transport, and consume energy. It will mobilize capital and investments in nascent energy sources and assets. It will affect how we think about land use and the importance of energy density. It will change how companies, including competitors, work together to achieve the progress required.

But this change offers opportunities that will enable Power Generators and Oil & Gas companies to:

  • Unlock new business models focused on energy balancing
  • Manage risk and create critical new revenue streams associated with carbon management
  • Drive new levels of operational efficiency and generate additional profitability outcomes
  • Digitize to decarbonize Watch this Q&S session with GE Digital and Forrester to gain additional insight

Powering A Sustainable and Profitable Energy Transition on Digital Solutions

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Decarbonization requires balance between legacy systems and emerging technologies. Between the environment and business economies.  


Read GE Digital's new white paper on sustainability and profitability and understand how you can unlock balanced energy and business models while better managing asset risk and carbon emissions.

Let GE Digital help you develop new business models in the energy transition