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GE Digital

Predix Asset Performance Management

APM Reliability User Group Webinar

48 mins


  • Thomas Lowisz

    Thomas Lowisz

    Sr. Product Manager, APM Reliability

    GE Digital

  • Jonathan Bywater

    Jonathan Bywater

    Product Manager, APM Reliability

    GE Digital

Video details

Thomas Lowisz, Senior Product Manager, APM Reliability, provides an overview of the enhancements and improvements being delivered with the Q1 release of GE Digital’s Predictive Analytic and Digital Twin capabilities, UI/UX experiences, and improved workflow processes and analysis. Jonathan Bywater, Failure Elimination Product Manager, shares new features in Root Cause Analysis and Reliability, including a new RCA Event Diagram and 5 Whys Analysis and Action Optimization, plus a new Data Loader for System reliability. The 2019 APM Reliability roadmap is also presented.

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APM Reliability Webinar Presentation

APM Reliability | GE Digital | Screenshot

Download the presentation and follow along with Thomas Lowisz, Senior Product Manager, APM Reliability.

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