• Stockmeyer Tracks Production Lines to Meet Stringent Traceability Requirements

Stockmeyer produces nearly 100 different types of cooked, raw and boiled sausage in a one-shift operation and packs in a two-shift operation at its plant. Approximately 4,000 tons of sausage are produced monthly, and the multitude of processes and variety place extreme challenges for its automated technology. 

The implementation of GE software helped Stockmeyer optimize its manufacturing processes and facilitate the requirement for traceability. The solution enabled centralized production control, standardization and vertical integration into the ERP system. It also allowed for greater productivity by creating meaningful information from the vast amount of existing data, driving faster identification and resolution of issues. 

Not only can the data of the individual systems be viewed, but all process data involved in a batch can be comparatively displayed. Therefore, the entire production process can be tracked at all times—enabling the company to meet stringent traceability requirements.

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