• See How SSE Archieved Greater Plant Reliabiity


Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) with a £14.95BN market cap and 20,000 employees is UK’s broadest-based energy company. It’s capabilities include power generation, transmission, distribution, supply and services. It is also Ireland’s fastest growing energy company. The outturn availability of the thermal generation fleet was an area of improvement focus due to a number of specific technical failures over the last several years. SSE identified the following objectives to help improve the maintenance profile: • Early detection of potential failure and prevent past failures from reoccurring • Increase availability of plant • Manage and control CAPEX • Reduce insurance cost • Condition-based maintenance



With GE’s Asset Performance Management solution, SSE was able to turn data into actionable knowledge for the operating staff. SSE created an Equipment Performance Center (EPC) to continuously monitor asset health for over 11 different locations. The system tracks factors such as combustion dynamics, turbine vibration analysis, boiler temperatures, creep analysis and safety case management. Predictive analytics drive model-based condition monitoring, allowing SSE to understand pending issues before they become production problems, allowing proactive action to avoid unplanned outages.

As part of the upgrade, OpFlex AutoTune DX and OpFlex Cold Day Performance were installed to obtain even more performance from the hardware, and to ensure robust turbine operation and emissions compliance at the increased output levels even as weather and fuel supplies vary.



SSE has experienced a significant reduction in plant failures since the introduction of GE’s APM solution, resulting in increased plant availability and production. Early failure detection has resulted in savings of approximately £3MM per year. The EPC is now armed to monitor multiple site operations efficiently with confidence to understand pending failures. Overall insurance costs have been reduced (£7.5MM per year) and with improved maintenance, a greater control over CAPEX is expected.

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