• Greater Output, Lower Emissions and Ability to Manage Varying Fuel Quality for Power-Intense Dubal


Dubai Aluminium (Dubal), the world’s second largest aluminum smelter site running a 2350 MW plant, has relied on GE 9E gas turbines since the 1980’s. With electricity accounting for 30%– 40% of aluminum production cost, Dubal wanted the most efficient and reliable operation, especially for the smelting process, where interruptions in power can be disastrous.

As a technology leader in the aluminum smelting industry, Dubal was looking to infuse technology into their operations. Gas turbine efficiency, availability and increased capacity are critical value drivers for Dubal, especially during hot days.



To support Dubal in meeting its goals, GE installed Power LifeMax, consisting of 9E Advanced Gas Path (AGP) turbines, DLN 1+ combustion system and OpFlex Advanced Controls software.

The OpFlex software allows Dubal to expand the capability of the gas turbine hardware. GE tailored OpFlex for the 9E GE turbines, applying Variable Peak Fire solution to increase output within emissions limits, AutoTune solution to maintain the best combustion, and AutoRecover solution to automatically detect, and recover from primary reignition without impacting load reduction on operations. To enhance long term reliability, GE is providing Dubal with monitoring and diagnostic services.



With GE’s solution, Dubal is realizing several operational benefits. With Variable Peak Fire, Dubal can choose between 3 modes of peak fire operation, which can deliver as much as 6% increased output on hot days while maintaining NOx as low as 9ppm.

With AutoTune, Dubal can use a wider range of fuels and cope with fluctuations in fuel quality. The system automatically adjusts fuel-air mix to help the unit operate efficiently while maintaining required emissions levels.

AutoRecover improves emissions compliance and reduces hardware combustion wear by automatically detecting primary re-ignitions within 15 seconds, recovering to emissions compliance within 3.5 minutes and minimizing load reduction in the process.


How Dubai Aluminium expands performance and life of their power station


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