• Creating a More Efficient and Reliable Power Plant - Whitegate, County Cork, Ireland


Cork County Ireland Power Plant Statistics


The 445-megawatt Whitegate gas combined-cycle powerplant, owned by Bord Gáis Energy, is located 25 miles east of the city of Cork, and provides power to 10% of Ireland. With European government regulations demanding more renewable energy production, in turn creating a greater need for reliable, on-demand generation capacity, Bord Gáis Energy understood it needed to prepare the Whitegate station for future grid challenges.



Bord Gáis Energy required a solution for condition-based monitoring at the Whitegate plant to ensure continuous operation toward no unplanned downtime. They chose GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) solution featuring 141 total sensors throughout the plant. These sensors allow for 24/7 monitoring of the plant’s hardware, offering Whitegate’s engineers operational recommendations while still providing a single, consolidated view of plant performance. Additionally, Bord Gáis Energy is leveraging GE’s Advanced Controls OpFlex solution to provide enhanced performance capabilities for their fleet of GE turbines. The solution is powered by GE’s enterprise platform Predix, which uses the cloud to unify the data flow across all plant and fleet assets, delivering the enterprise visibility and insights needed to help improve power plant, fleet and business operations.



The Whitegate implementation of GE’s APM, Advanced Controls and GE’s Predix platform reduced plant downtimes and balance of plant operations costs. With APM, early warnings of failure mechanisms using 300 algorithms detect when plant components are about to fail, allowing for more efficient outage management. The integrated solution has created a €2,28M positive financial impact from cost savings and cost avoidance without any plant unavailability due to covered equipment and 21 additional “catches” by the system.


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