• Steam turbine governer valve found sticking at a combined-cycle power plant

What did GE's analytics software find?

On March 3, the GE SmartSignal solution found that the active and inactive thrust bearing metal temperatures increased rapidly from 205°F (96°C) to over 225°F (107°C) and from 147°F (64°C) to over 165°F (74°C)respectively. Due to the large temperature increase over a short period of time, GE’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center (IPRC) sent a high priority notification to the customer.


What was the underlying cause?

The customer investigated immediately and found that the left side governer valve was not opening. The customer cycled the valve and the temperatures returned to acceptable levels.


What was the value to the cutomer?

The faulty governer valve was causing increased backpressure to the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), reducing steam flow and increasing temperatures. A high priority notification from the GE SmartSignal solution and the IPRC allowed the customer to correct the valve issue expeditiously before the condition caused significant damage to the equipment or potentially caused a turbine trip.


Active metal temperatures increased from 205°F (96°C) to 225°F (107°C). The inactive metal temperatures increased from 147°F (64°C) to 165°F (74°C). After valve cycling, the values decreased back to acceptable levels.

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