• Low cylinder discharge temperature on an engine at an unmanned oil and gas platform

What did GE's analytics software find?

In the middle of January, the GE SmartSignal solution detected a decrease in the number 4, 5, & 6 cylinder temperatures on an engine driving a reciprocating compressor. The other 9 cylinders on the engine were firing at approximately 1200°F (649°C). Due to the decrease in firing temperature on the engine, GE’s Industrial Performance and Reliability Center (IPRC) alerted the customer to the potential issue.


What was the underlying cause?

After the alert from the IPRC, the customer was able to plan a trip to the remote platform in order to inspect and repair the engine. It was determined that the spark plugs in cylinders 4, 5, & 6 needed to be replaced.


What was the value to the customer?

Due to the early notification from the IPRC, the site was able to schedule a planned maintenance trip to the remote platform to inspect the engine. After inspection, the maintenance technician was able to replace the spark plugs and return the engine to a normal combustion pattern before serious damage was done.


Above is an image depicting the decrease in engine firing temperature on cylinders 4 (Dark Blue), 5 (Magenta), & 6 (Light Blue). The cylinder firing temperatures returned to model predicted values after maintenance action was taken by the field.

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