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Security For Critical Infrastructure

The Industrial Internet is unlocking new levels of productivity, helping maximize the value of industrial assets. With this increased connectivity comes a critical need to mitigate operational technology (OT) threats and vulnerabilities. Take the right actions to increase resilience, improve safety, and maintain availability across your ICS environment with Cyber Security Solutions from GE Digital.

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Solving The Biggest ICS And OT Environment Challenges

  1. Secure Production Uptime

    Secure Production Uptime

    Put the safety of your ICS environment and devices first. We provide visibility and control into your process to help optimize production, minimize downtime, and improve process integrity. Protect your industrial controls and critical infrastructure networks with OpShield.
  2. Understand and Take Action to Reduce Risk

    Understand and Take Action to Reduce Risk

    Threats and vulnerabilities are not easily identified. Risk has many facets, so understanding your security posture is key. Our Cyber Security Services can help you closely examine the people, processes, and technology within your environment to minimize threats.
  3. Gain Visibility and Control of ICS Traffic

    Gain Visibility and Control of ICS Traffic

    Seamless control of all systems can be complex. Our deep technical expertise across all levels of OT security allows us to provide you with a comprehensive look of your plant, systems, or products. Learn more about our Cyber Security Services.
  4. Protect Your Brand's Reputation

    Protect Your Brand's Reputation

    A single incident could be devastating. Increase customer confidence by allowing us to identify device weaknesses and vulnerabilities early on in the product development lifecycle. Our Achilles Test Platform (ATP) is a unique test solution that enables you to conduct comprehensive quality testing throughout the product development lifecycle.


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    GE Digital’s Cyber Security Solutions are built with an industrial mindset to protect industrial processes and operate control strategies.


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