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Plant Performance Service

Optimized power and fuel efficiency – made simple

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GE Digital provides software to help power generators optimize operations

What is Plant Performance Service?

Plant Performance Service is a turnkey outsourced solution for optimizing plant operational, thermal and economic performance across operating modes and loads. GE Industrial Managed Services (IMS) experts monitor, analyze and guide your path to improve heat rate, capacity, turndown and startups – all while minimizing fuel costs. No software purchase or expanded staffing is required.


Plant Performance Service is available for combined-cycle and simple-cycle gas and steam power plants, covering major operating equipment from turbines to ancillary systems, across any OEM. The service is based on GE Operations Performance Management (OPM) software.

Why Choose Plant Performance Service?

A complete performance view

GE experts track over twenty equipment and systems metrics across operating modes and loads

Degradation detection & analysis

Our Digital Twin analytics detect and diagnose early signs of degradation

Your guide to improvements

Analytics-driven what-if scenarios uncover improvements that optimize benefit and cost

Fuel cost in focus

We track and analyze fuel cost and efficiency to provide a financial benefit analysis for any proposed actions

Analytics-based decisions

Machine learning analytics tailored to your operations profiles power all service activities

Rapid & proven results

Our Industrial Managed Service experts, OPM software and standardized procedures deliver immediate and continuing results

Combining people, process and technology

As a leading power equipment manufacturer, service provider, and analytics and software vendor, GE understands industrial and power generation operations and has extensive experience optimizing plant operations.

Drive results with Plant Performance Service

Plant Performance Service Driving Optimization for Power Generation Facilities

Outsourcing and the performance optimization imperative

Renewable energy is changing both the operating models and profitability pressures of traditional power plants. Maintaining and improving plant efficiency and cost factors across today’s fluctuating operation modes and loads demands deep analytical domain expertise coupled with extensive experience on the equipment and O&M processes.


GE’s turnkey outsourced Plant Performance Service offer you just that – without the need to expand staffing or acquire new technology. GE IMS experts become advisors and partners to your team, bringing years of experience along with GE OPM software and Digital Twin analytics tuned to improve your key performance and cost metrics. Weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews with your team track and drive results.

Plant Performance Service provides a complete thermal performance picture | GE Digital

A complete thermal performance picture

Plant Performance Service starts by collecting and aggregating all relevant performance data.  This complete picture of key component and system level metrics is tracked in dashboards and reports, and is the foundation of all further activities. IMS experts monitor and analyze sensor data and derive calculated parameters and corrected parameters for comparison to baseline-expected values. Over two dozen key metrics are tracked.

Plant Performance Service Detects and address degradation in Power Generation

Detecting and addressing degradation

Performance degradation is a common occurrence yet can be difficult to detect and to determine causality. But with performance baselines established and Digital Twin analytics trained and deployed, GE teams are able to quickly detect any emerging fluctuations. Once identified, the customer is alerted and receives a diagnostic analysis of probable cause along with remediation guidance.

Plant Performance Service provides performance metrics for efficient operations | GE Digital

Driving improvement across the board

GE experts analyze your performance metrics across a complete range of operating modes and load factors – from minimum to partial to maximum capacity. Startup and shutdown efficiency is also a key target. Analysis in hand, GE uses a series of analytics-driven what-if scenarios to recommend prioritized actions to improve and optimize your operations.

remote monitoring and diagnostics by GE Digital | M&D and Plant Performance

Fuel costs matter

Fuel cost and efficiency are the number one cost-related concern of generators, and therefore a key aspect of all monitoring activities and strategic improvement guidance. Fuel costs are tracked and analyzed across all operational phases and loads, and are core to the financial benefit analysis done for any proposed actions

IMS Services, GE Digital, Monitoring & Diagnostics of Industrial equipment and facilities

A Proven Team to Rely Upon

As a leading power equipment manufacturer, service provider, and analytics and software vendor, GE knows how to optimize plant operations. With over 15 years of experience, our IMS experts apply their knowledge and GE technology to produce critical and continuous value to your operations. Today, the IMS team provides expert services to over 100 leading industrials and has delivered over $1.5B USD in measured customer savings.

industrial engineers using GE IIoT software | GE appsindustrial engineers using GE IIoT software | GE apps

Evolution to Ownership

Plant Performance Service is based on proven GE Digital Operations Performance Management (OPM) software and Digital Twin analytics – recognized as a leading solution for plant performance. Should direct software ownership or subscription be in your long-term interest, the GE IMS team will ensure a seamless transition and continue to offer any operation, monitoring or strategic services that meet your needs.

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