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O&M Strategy Service

Optimal O&M results – made simple

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What is O&M Strategy Service?

O&M Strategy Service is a turnkey outsourced solution to optimize your maintenance plans and execution for target assets. GE experts assess your goals, recommend an optimal plan and use APM software to help you drive sustained success. All without the need for you to purchase software or expand staffing.

Why Choose O&M Strategy Service

O&M strategy assessment

GE experts analyze asset performance and maintenance history to recommend wholistic maintenance strategies

Strategy implementation

We collaborate to implement any technology and new procedures, including dynamic updates between APM and your EAM/CMMS

Rounds strategy & mobile app

Included APM Rounds technology and processes can automate and digitize manual data collection

Asset health tracking

Dashboards and reports provide current and historical views of asset status, incidents, workorders and more

O&M tracking & reporting

Dashboards, reports and interactive reviews track overall O&M activities and effectiveness

Rapid & cost-effective results

GE expertise, APM software and proven best practices deliver immediate and long-term results

Outsourcing and the O&M effectiveness imperative

Renewable energy is changing both the operating models and O&M practices of traditional power plants. Equipment reliability is challenged as it operates outside of normal windows and under traditional maintenance procedures that no longer fit the need. Implementing optimized up-to-date O&M strategies that balance cost, risk and availability is critical.


GE’s turnkey O&M Strategy Service can do just that – without the need to expand staffing or acquire new technology. GE Industrial Managed Services experts become advisors and partners to your team, bringing expertise, APM software and years of experience to create and execute the optimal mix of strategies that meet your plant’s operational goals.

Drive Results with O&M Strategy Service

Industrial Managed Services from GE Digital provide expertise and remote monitoring

Determining your strategies

With optional GE help, you select target assets. GE experts then assess criticality, historical performance, reliability, maintenance procedures and records, and more per asset. Working with your team, we create a per-asset plan – across corrective, preventative, predictive –  that meets your organization’s operating modes and risk/cost balance. The plans are implemented in both APM and your EAM/CMMS solution, including integration for ongoing dynamic updates.

GE Digital software, APM Health screenshot, collecting field data screenshot

Rounds and data integration

A key aspect of a maintenance strategy is determining what equipment operating data is required on an ongoing basis. Our team makes recommendations for any new data collection or consolidation necessary, as well as any underlying technology such as predictive analytics or automated rounds collection that is beneficial. APM Rounds software and planning services are included to ensure your manual data collection can be done efficiently and effectively. 

Asset Condition Monitoring using APM Health, APM Health, GE Digital software, screenshot showing industrial asset monitoring

Asset health tracking

GE provides real-time health dashboards which display aggregated and comprehensive views of asset health, including current/historical performance, KPIs, alerts, open cases, workorders and more. At a glance, you can assess status, spot trends, drill down to identify issues, and determine if any pre-emptive actions are warranted. The APM Policy rules engine also allows the definition of conditions to trigger specific alert events across the data sources.

O&G Strategy Services | Monthly Activity Report screenshot | GE Digital

O&M activity tracking

O&M activity tracking dashboards give you and GE experts an overall view of your maintenance activities and their effectiveness. Together we track actions, completion rates, expenses, predictive vs reactive work and more. Summary performance charts display equipment reliability, availability and other operational performance metrics to guide improvements over time.

Industrial Managed Services from GE Digital provide expertise and remote monitoringIndustrial Managed Services from GE Digital provide expertise and remote monitoring

A proven team to rely upon

The GE Industrial Managed Services team has been providing O&M strategy guidance and ongoing services as well as a host of asset performance management services for over 15 years. Expert teams around the globe provide expert services to more that 100 leading industrial organizations and have delivered over $1.5B USD in measured customer savings.

Asset Performance Management Services | GE Digital

Evolution to ownership

O&M Strategy Service is based on proven GE Digital APM software – recognized as a leading application for industrial digital transformation. Should direct software ownership or subscription be in your long-term interest, the GE IMS team will ensure a seamless transition and continue to offer any operation, monitoring or strategic services that meet your needs.

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