Play Offense with Remote Monitoring and Management

Unplanned downtime is painful, not to mention expensive for your bottom line. Our Managed Services team can help you move from reactive to proactive operations and maintenance. Instead of scrambling when asset and operational issues arise, our team can help you anticipate machine failure, prevent significant damage, and reduce unplanned outages.

Managed Services Offerings

  1. RM&D as a Service

    RM&D as a Service

    Our maintenance and reliability engineers with deep industrial domain expertise will work alongside you virtually as they monitor data coming off your assets in one of our RM&D centers. We take this data, run it through our advanced analytic algorithms, and communicate actionable notifications so you can prevent catastrophic failures and avoid unplanned downtime.
  2. Reliability Management Starter Kit

    Reliability Management Starter Kit

    The Reliability Management Starter Kit gives you access to our proprietary model based predictive analytics. Over four weeks, we will take one of your historical failures and your live data and show you what critical issues we can prevent leveraging our world-class IIoT capabilities.

    Managed Services Benefits

    1. $10M

      Lost production avoided
      Lost production avoided
      We detected improper cooling on a generator at a combined cycle power plant, reducing unplanned downtime and any repair costs.
    2. $68k

      Fuel nozzle issue detected
      Fuel nozzle issue detected
      Due to an early warning, our client was able to address a hardware issue and avoided an outage at a combined cycle power plant.
    3. Performance losses explained
      Performance losses explained
      Our predictive analytics detected deteriorating baskets on an air heater at a coal power plant.

      Customer Stories

      Maintain Your Critical Machines

      To avoid unplanned downtime, our Managed Services can help you maintain your critical machines using model-based predictive maintenance technology. Discover our Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics service, powered by GE Digital’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center, and the software solution behind it.
      Industrial Performance & Reliability Center Video
      GE Digital | Discover GE Digital’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Centers, providing 24/7/365 monitoring of equipment globally.
      Industrial Performance & Reliability Center Video 00:02:36
      GE’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Video 00:02:57
      SmartSignal, Condition-based Monitoring Software Video 00:02:22

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