VesPA naval architecture and design visualization.

Build Better Ships By Design

Using predictive modeling and analytics, VesPA helps naval architects and vessel designers create more efficient and cost-effective vessels by configuring optimal power, propulsion and electrical systems to match your specific requirements. VesPA helps you create the highest performing and most cost-efficient system for your vessel.

Optimize vessel configuration, faster

Product Features

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  1. Reduce Operations Costs

    Reduce Operations Costs

    Using predictive modelling, VesPA estimates the annual operational expenditures of a design.
  2. Gain Insight into Efficiencies

    Gain Insight into Efficiencies

    VesPA features a simple visual interface so you can see immediately the impact of each system to make intelligent design decisions.
  3. Build a Better Vessel

    Build a Better Vessel

    By providing intelligent design techniques, VesPA can help you choose the right systems and build a vessel that maximizes efficiency.

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