Preparing For Today

System 1 enables you to make informed and proactive decisions by compiling data from all assets and looking for impending failures and diagnostic indicators. This helps anticipate failure, instead of simply reacting to it. When you connect System 1 with our protection systems, scanning devices and portable vibration analyzers, it provides a holistic view of your plant’s health and delivers deeper insights, resulting in smarter decisions and better outcomes.

Minimize Impending Failures with System 1
  1. Start a Condition-Monitoring Program

    Start a Condition-Monitoring Program

    Understand your assets and the impact of their failure.
  2. Get Notified

    Get Notified

    Focus your efforts where change has been detected.
  3. Identify Change

    Identify Change

    Solve simple problems quickly, deep dive if needed.
  4. Understand Change

    Understand Change

    Get to root cause with the complete data set.
  5. Drive Corrective Action

    Drive Corrective Action

    Leverage your organization’s people, processes and technology.

    Product Benefits

    1. Prevent Unplanned Downtime and Loss of Production
      Prevent Unplanned Downtime and Loss of Production
      With System 1, GE helped one of India’s largest privately-owned oil producers prevent unplanned downtime and loss of production. Based on GE’s System 1 data and an accurate diagnosis of the problem, the customer was able to save over $75,000 USD.

      System 1 Outcomes

      1. €1m

        In Savings
        In Savings
        System 1 captured rapid change in vibration, saving €1 million and avoiding 10 days of lost production.
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