SmartSignal from GE Digital

Fix small issues before they become BIG problems.

For more than 15 years, industry leaders have picked SmartSignal from GE Digital (formerly Proficy SmartSignal) to protect critical assets. With 45 U.S. patents/applications and continual innovation, SmartSignal keeps our customers on the leading edge. SmartSignal now monitors more than 15,000 assets worth approximately $37B. It identifies impending failures early and provides actionable notifications, reducing maintenance costs and damage to critical equipment and helping to keep operations safe and productive.

Helps you move towards no unplanned downtime


SmartSignal Features
  1. All critical equipment

    All OEMs, across the fleet

    Identifies a broad range of problems across a wide variety of rotating and processing assets, load ranges, and failure modes.
  2. Easy to implement

    No need to build from scratch

    Includes more than 125 unique blueprints across industries.
  3. Optional advanced blueprints

    For incremental value

    Cycle Watch to increase reliable starts in combustion turbines; Thermal Performance Diagnostics to model and diagnose heat rate increases and performance degradation; and Extended Vibration Monitoring to detect more journal bearing problems earlier.
  4. On-premises solution

    Also can be deployed on the cloud

    As part of GE’s cloud Reliability Management solution, it is SaaS-based, providing low total cost of ownership and quick time to value.
  5. Supported by services

    From GE Digital's remote monitoring center

    GE Digital's Industrial Performance & Reliability Center provides extensive and flexible services. It currently monitors 6,000 assets globally valued at $12B across 85+ customer sites in oil & gas, power generation, aviation, and mining.

    Customer Stories



    SmartSignal Results
    1. $35MM

      “The Big Catch”
      “The Big Catch”
      POWER Magazine’s popular “catch” story: How SmartSignal saved Entergy from catastrophic damage and may well have saved lives.
    2. 2

      Giants working together
      Giants working together
      BP remotely monitors offshore assets around the world with the help of GE.
    3. 24/7/365

      Monitoring of equipment
      Monitoring of equipment
      SSE monitors more than 300 turbines from one desk…maintains uptime…and keeps the lights on.
    4. 25%

      Reduced gas consumption
      Reduced gas consumption
      Whitegate provides reliable and efficient power to 10% of Ireland with GE’s help.

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