SeaStream Insights monitoring critical assets on a vessel.

Big Data Goes Maritime

Powered by Predix, SeaStream Insight provides a top-to-bottom view of your vessel to optimize performance and efficiency. Despite advances in technologies, the maritime industry still experiences equipment issues that result in delays and lost revenue. SeaStream Insight monitors critical assets on the vessel, a more proactive approach to managing equipment failure leading to less downtime and more operational revenue.

Drive Operational Efficiency Improvements

Product Benefits

  1. A Clear Horizon on Efficiency
    A Clear Horizon on Efficiency
    Building a digital blueprint of the entire vessel and then predicting its operational performance.
  2. Powerful Analytics
    Powerful Analytics
    Remote troubleshooting and support through data analysis to help vessel and fleet owners adopt a predictive maintenance mindset.
  3. Data-Driven Confidence
    Data-Driven Confidence
    Unparalleled decision-making, giving you the confidence your vessels are operating at peak efficiency and predictability.

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