Mariner focused data visualization and predictive analytics.


Shift your focus from Dynamic Positioning (DP) system management to ship handling with a mariner-focused control solution.

Putting the Operator in Control

Product Features

  1. Intuitive Graphic Interface

    Intuitive Graphic Interface

    With SeaStream Dynamic Positioning, users get easy to use, quick to learn for dynamic positioning operators switching from other dynamic positioning systems.
  2. 26-Inch Multi-Touch Screen

    26-Inch Multi-Touch Screen

    GE Digital provides operators with reduced need for data processing, allowing for greater focus on seamanship.
  3. Configurable Displays Show Data Clearly

    Configurable Displays Show Data Clearly

    SeaStream Dynamic Positioning provides easier and faster system navigation.
  4. Task-Specific Data Prioritization

    Task-Specific Data Prioritization

    GE Digital is enabling marine operators to improve their focus on positioning the vessel.
  5. Slimline Console Design

    Slimline Console Design

    With slimline console design, SeaStream Dynamic Positioning saves space and complements various bridge designs.
  6. Connect User with Rich Features

    Connect User with Rich Features

    SeaStream Dynamic Positioning helps reduce potential operator error and improves access.

    Product Benefits

    1. Streamlined User Experience
      Streamlined User Experience
      Mariner-friendly controls and displays. Developed in conjunction with user experience experts to create a simple user interface.
    2. Situational Awareness
      Situational Awareness
      Easy-to-understand controls and displays, improving situational awareness to help DP operators get back to their main task of seamanship.
    3. Holistic View
      Holistic View
      Using big data analytics to analyze both vessel and environmental information that can impact the journey.
    4. Big Data, Not Big Headaches
      Big Data, Not Big Headaches
      Important data streams are captured and presented in one user-friendly interface.
    5. Navigate with Efficiency
      Navigate with Efficiency
      Predictive software to help the ship stay on course and advanced algorithms to reduce power consumption.

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