A Predictivity Solution that Increases Machinery Reliability

Using advanced sensors, big data analytics, and diagnostic services, GE’s Reliability Max solution allows GE to help increase equipment reliability levels beyond current industry standards. The solution uses a combination of advanced sensors, predictive analytics in real-time, historical data and OEM engineering expertise.

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Product Features

  1. Predict, Analyze

    Advanced Sensing

    Sensors at critical sections of the gas turbine relay data, including blade health, combustion dynamics, debris, roller bearing vibration and gas path debris. Together, these capabilities provide predictive analytics to help optimize performance and minimize costs.
  2. Quick, Actionable Insights

    Data Analytics

    Several diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive rules developed by GE engineering teams specifically for GE gas turbines provide foresight on potential issues well before they reach an alarm phase as well as quicker, actionable insights to identify the possible root cause.
  3. Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring Advisory services from GE diagnostic centers based on OEM engineering expertise: Trip Reduction Program Performance Enhancement Program Asset Health Management Early Warning Remote Tuning

    Product Benefits

    1. Partnering with BG Group to Minimize Unplanned Downtime
      Partnering with BG Group to Minimize Unplanned Downtime
      GE is partnering with QGC to minimize unplanned downtime with Reliability Max from GE Predictivity. It has been installed as part of the $620 million, 22-year contractual service agreement (to provide advanced technology services for QGC's Curtis Island coal seam gas-to-LNG plant.


      Product Benefits

      1. 0.1%

        Increased revenue
        Increased revenue
        Improving gas turbine reliability of just 0.1% for a mid-scale LNG plant could lead to more than $2MM in additional production
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