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The time-based approach to maintenance doesn’t take into consideration the way equipment is being used, its current condition, and real-world operating conditions. Operators risk taking down equipment for unnecessary maintenance or missing warning signs that equipment is about to fail. Reliability Management from GE Digital detects equipment problems before they happen so you can focus resources where they are needed and not waste them where they are not.

Schedule downtime, control costs.

Product Features

  1. Improve productivity

    See the future

    Evolve from time-based maintenance to predictive maintenance, improving availability and reliability.
  2. Reduce maintenance costs

    Plan your maintenance

    Focus resources only where needed; reduce overtime and cost of parts.
  3. Improve the future

    Learn from the past

    Manage anomalies and all details of cases/incidents and corresponding actions.
  4. Reduce risks to your people

    Sleep at night

    Reduce catastrophic failures with associated risks to worker safety and the environment.

    Customer Story Video

    1. Salt River Project relies on Reliability Management
      Salt River Project relies on Reliability Management
      “We use GE solutions to help us get to “no unplanned downtime” by moving us to more planned outages instead of reactionary or emergency outages…and to show us when things are going to happen instead of waiting until they occur. “


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      1. Ready to take the next step?
        Ready to take the next step?
        GE’s Reliability Management Starter Kit gives you access to GE’s proprietary model-based predictive analytics and GE’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center. Over a duration of 30-45 days, we will analyze one of your historical failures and, partnering with you, monitor and analyze live data on one asset to demonstrate how you can prevent critical issues and reduce costs by leveraging GE’s world-class IIoT capabilities.
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      2. Start your transformation
        Start your transformation
        Learn more about GE’s APM Starter Kits with our new brochure: Seize your digital industrial - Start your transformation now.

        Product Benefits

        1. 14 and 4

          Increase safety
          Increase safety
          Delta uses GE software to analyze engine data—from 14 models, 4 OEMs—to detect changes and keep its passengers safe.
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        2. ~1B/YR

          Lower maintenance costs
          Lower maintenance costs
          Teck Resources is working with GE to reduce maintenance costs from $1B/year and make a more reliable operation.
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        3. ~£3MM/yr

          Improve uptime, savings
          Improve uptime, savings
          SSE uses Reliability Management 24/7/365 to maintain uptime, keep the lights on, and save ~£3MM/yr.
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