A Connected Software Suite

RailConnect™ 360 provides data-driven insights to reduce unplanned downtime and improve
velocity, productivity and fuel efficiency.

Suite Features

  1. Drive Data-Driven Insights

    Drive Data-Driven Insights

    Address key customer pain points like velocity, fuel, asset utilization, productivity and dwell.
  2. Unlock Network and Yard Efficiencies

    Unlock Network and Yard Efficiencies

    Increase capacity and velocity.
  3. Reduce Energy Use

    Reduce Energy Use

    Increase productivity, reduce operational expenses and reduce fuel costs and emissions.
  4. Optimize Operations

    Optimize Operations

    Provide a single source of truth across the entire industrial rail supply chain.

    Suite Overview

    As reliance on freight rail continues to grow, so will the need for increased capacity and efficiency on the rail networks. Our vision is a connected rail enterprise that uses advanced software, powerful analytics and enhanced visibility to drive better decisions.

    RailConnect 360 is a connected suite of software solutions that provides data-driven insights for our customers. Optimize your rail assets, networks, operations and supply chains.


    See How RailConnect 360 Can Help You

    1. Smart Connected Enterprise
      Smart Connected Enterprise
      The Industrial Internet allows you to combine brilliant machines with best-in-class analytics to deliver valuable insights that were never before possible. See how a strategy utilizing RailConnectTM 360 can drive efficiency and profitability