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Transform Inspection Data Into Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Corrosion Management from GE is an APM solution which combines a ground-breaking package of Predix, cloud-based software with Rightrax PM installed sensors and advisory services to continuously monitor corrosion-related risk, proactively make disposition decisions and help minimize total cost of operations. With the power of Predix and APM, your decisions are now data-enabled, based on real-time analysis of ultrasonic thermal and thickness measurements. Continuously collecting data can help improve the reliability of inspection data, removes manual inconsistencies and enables you to trend and predict piping failures due to corrosion, extending the run life of pipes across your facility.

GE’s Predictive Corrosion Management Solution

corrosion inspection

GE’s Predictive Corrosion Management solution moves your operation beyond manual inspections to continuously connect assets, data and people. This groundbreaking package combines Predix cloud-based software, Rightrax PM installed sensors and advisory support giving you the actionable intelligence you need to manage corrosion related risk and proactively maintain systems.


Continuous, Predictive, Digital Inspection

Oil & Gas Refinery, Norway.
  1. Continuous Inspection

    Continuous Inspection

    GE’s Rightrax PM installed ultrasonic sensors measure and monitor corrosion and erosion using permanently installed ultrasonic sensors, for critical industry pipes, tanks, transportation or storage assets. With these sensors, we can help you maintain personnel safety and reduce the cost and time associated with manual inspection such as scaffolding, insulation removal.
  2. Predictive and Proactive Corrosion Management Software

    Predictive and Proactive Corrosion Management Software

    Improve uptime through advanced analytics that model and predict piping failures due to corrosion and erosion. Predictive Corrosion Management provides insights to manage asset health and forecast remaining asset life, giving you the data you need to make operational decisions.
  3. Ongoing Advisory Support

    Ongoing Advisory Support

    Enjoy the latest software with immediate and remote updates, paired with ongoing installed sensor maintenance for a seamless blend of on-site and remote support.

    Intelligent Cloud-Based Data for Better Decisions

    GE Preventative Maintenance

    Insights into the Health of Your Assets to Keep Industrial Operations Running Longer

    With Predictive Corrosion Management, you can access data from virtually anywhere to forecast remaining asset life and predict future corrosion-related risks. Operators can view current and projected corrosion rate, including corrosion-level alarms, measure wall thickness and temperature, assess real time correlation between operational data points for powerful insights, and geospatially view status of site or enterprise operations

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    GE Oil and Gas and the Industrial Internet
    1. 30%

      Up to 30% Decrease in Corrosion Costs
      Up to 30% Decrease in Corrosion Costs
      Predictive Corrosion Management can help improve management of your assets and can reduce costly manual inspection labor, scaffolding, and insulation removal.
    2. $1.3B

      Spent on Downtime and Equipment Failures
      Spent on Downtime and Equipment Failures
      Refineries face multiple threats of corrosion-related shutdowns per year. Predictive Corrosion Management provides visibility to identify corrosion before it becomes a problem- using continuous inspection data. If you’re wanting to continue running operations at capacity, wondering how caustic chemicals in your crude are impacting your pipes, or have a high number of friction points, Predictive Corrosion Management will provide the data you need to make reliable, data-driven decisions.
    3. 0.02 mm

      Of Measurement Repeatability
      Of Measurement Repeatability
      Challenging conditions, including Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) and sand erosion, can cause rapid and substantial damage to equipment. GE Rightrax PM installed sensors enable greater reliability and repeatability, accurate wall thickness measurements within 0.02 millimeters (mm) and the flexibility to monitor multiple inspection points with the industries greatest sensor coverage density.
    4. Safety where you need it most
      Safety where you need it most
      GE Rightrax PM installed sensors improve process safety management (PSM) of your plant and reduce inspector exposure to hard-to reach, potentially dangerous locations including: high temperatures, confined space entry and hazardous environments.

      GE's Predix Platform takes on Corrosion Management

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