First Mile to Last Mile Connectivity

More than 450 railroads across North America rely on RailConnect™ every day to manage their operations, eliminate manual processing, increase productivity and reduce costs. The system is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, providing reliability and security system while avoiding costly investment in technology and infrastructure.

Product Features

  1. Automate Train and Switching Operations

    Automate Train and Switching Operations

    Gain visibility over all rail assets.
  2. Automate the Rating Process

    Automate the Rating Process

    Optimize revenue management performance.
  3. Manage car hire Payables

    Manage car hire Payables

    Manage payables and receivables between car users and owners with a comprehensive car hire accounting system.
  4. Support Decision Making

    Support Decision Making

    Use advanced analytics to provide business insight and drive business performance.
  5. Configure with Confidence

    Configure with Confidence

    Centrally manage asset configurations
  6. Orchestrate Signal Inspections

    Orchestrate Signal Inspections

    Asset overview and compliance management
  7. Promote Track Safety

    Promote Track Safety

    Optimize inspection and defect remediation
  8. Modernize Bridge & Structure Inspections

    Modernize Bridge & Structure Inspections

    Simplify configurations and testing events

    Learn More

    1. RailConnect: For all Rail Transportation Management
      RailConnect: For all Rail Transportation Management
      RailConnect manages operations, eliminates manual processing, improves information flow and reduces costs. It supports railroad operations and drives productivity through three integrated modules: Transportation Management System, Revenue Management System and Equipment Management System.
    2. Automate all Aspects of Train and Switching Operations
      Automate all Aspects of Train and Switching Operations
      RailConnectTM Transportation Management System (TMS) provides high visibility over rail assets. It allows users to plan workflows, generate work orders and communicate rail traffic between multiple railways. The result? Reduced manual errors. Lower costs. Improved productivity. And a better customer experience.
    3. Automate the Rating Process
      Automate the Rating Process
      RailConnect™ Revenue Management System (RMS) optimizes revenue management performance. Integrating with Interline Settlement System® (ISS), RMS successfully manages the settlement of freight revenue between railroads.The result? Streamlined accounting. Reduced costs. Improved cash flow. Greater revenue recognition. And enhanced efficiency and productivity.

      Operations Software for Rail Outcomes

      1. 90%

        Of ISS railroads
        Of ISS railroads
        90% of all ISS railroads process settlements use RailConnect Revenue Management System (RMS).
      2. 450+

        Installations in North America
        Installations in North America
        With 450+ installations in North America, Transportation Management System is trusted by 95% of short line and regional railroads that choose a 3rd party provider.
      3. 8MM

        Carloads Managed Annually
        Carloads Managed Annually
        Transportation Management System (TMS) manages over 8MM carloads annually and reduce overall transit times by as much as 27%.
      4. 10-15%

        Drive Bottom-line Productivity
        Drive Bottom-line Productivity
        Equipment Management System provides a 10-15% improvement in wagon asset utilization.
      5. 3,500

        Accuracy and Compliance
        Accuracy and Compliance
        RailDOCS signal tests and inspection system stores over 6M test forms for over 100,000 locations with superior accuracy and compliance
      6. 1M

        Configuration Management
        Configuration Management
        Tracks over 1M components in over 150,000 products. Supports wayside plus on-board PTC equipment and manages over 500,000 plan drawings

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