Unclog congested rail lines

Unclog Congested Rail Lines

GE Digital's software provides smarter ways to reduce congestion on the main lines and improve efficiencies at the yards and terminals. Real-time data and analytics increase rail line efficiency to meet/pass conflicts, increase traffic, and complete shifts before crew times expire.

Product Features

  1. Increase Rail Network Velocity

    Increase Rail Network Velocity

    Move freight faster using existing rail networks.
  2. Reduce Dwell

    Reduce Dwell

    Visualize yard state and plan yard activities improving terminal productivity.
  3. Increase Throughput

    Increase Throughput

    Reduce delays at rail intermodal terminals.
  4. Manage Trains Across the Network

    Manage Trains Across the Network

    Identify potential scheduling conflicts to increase capacity and fluidity.

    Network Software for Rail Outcomes

    1. 8 hours

      Looking Ahead to Keep Trains on Schedule
      Looking Ahead to Keep Trains on Schedule
      The railroad equivalent of an air-traffic control system, Movement Planner System is breakthrough technology enabling more locomotives to run on the same railroad at faster speeds and with greater efficiency — without laying new track.

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