Deliver the Right Information at the Right Time

Arm your employees with the right information at the right time from any device. With information secure by design, Mobile from GE Digital (formerly Proficy Mobile) empowers your operators and technicians to take action anywhere, speeding response to critical issues when problems are detected. Determine the best action based on equipment, location, and role, with information displayed in appropriate context on PCs and mobile devices running on iOS and Android.

Secure Agility for the Smart Operator

Product Features

  1. Manage and Operate on the Move

    Access KPIs at Your Fingertips

    Manage and operate on the move with informational KPIs or data from any source including HMI/SCADA. You can track asset and process KPIs, receive notifications on key trends, and get alerts on conditions that need fast action.
  2. Take the Right Actions, Anywhere

    Trigger Prompt Action with Tasks

    Reduce response time and ensure the right response to alarms with prioritized task lists and step-by-step instructions. Move to a paperless method of managing procedures – with best practice instructions available to operators and technicians—anywhere, anytime.
  3. Increase Collaboration Across Teams

    Communicate with Mobile Notes

    Increase collaboration across your teams and capture documentation with Mobile Notes. Record the latest changes—enter comments, take and attach pictures, include KPI details, and more. Then, using filters, retrieve the information you need, fast!
  4. Speed Response on Critical Alarms

    Prioritize Alarms with Analytics

    Alert the right people of critical issues that matter, when they matter. With alarm intelligence, your engineers and operators can receive prioritized alerts with helpful instructions for how to resolve issues in the right way, right away.
  5. Find the Right Person, Fast!

    Navigate with Geo-Intelligence

    With patented geo-intelligence, Mobile navigates and displays information based on user location and role as well as asset location. As an example, the appropriate person who is closest to an alarming machine receives the alarm information and instructions for action.

    Learn How Mobile Can Help You

    Industry software for mobile users | GE Digital
    1. Increase Efficiency with Mobility and Collaboration
      Increase Efficiency with Mobility and Collaboration
      Today’s operators can’t spend their day in the control room waiting for something to happen. They have to perform other tasks and move fast. View this on-demand webinar to learn game-changing tips to speed reaction time, decrease risk, and meet business outcomes.


      Product Benefits

      1. 40%

        Faster Troubleshooting
        Faster Troubleshooting
        Cornell increased visibility into its water filtration, steam, and power generation—enabling better, faster decisions.
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