GE Marine Mapper shows you where your fleet is anywhere in the world.

Visibility into Factors Impacting Performance

Marine Mapper tracks and monitors ships powered by GE systems to provide visibility of installed equipment and route tracking, analyzing your fleet’s travel routes to optimize parts holding close to your operations.

Transformation has already begun

Product Features

  1. Manage Fleets, Proactively

    Manage Fleets, Proactively

    Using big data and analytics, Marine Mapper provides access to details of fleet locations so we can be proactive in servicing them.
  2. Be Ready Anywhere Problems Occur

    Be Ready Anywhere Problems Occur

    Service the vessel at the earliest time possible. Perform preventive maintenance at the most optimal time.
  3. Big Data for Advanced Operations

    Big Data for Advanced Operations

    Operational intelligence at its core, providing unparalleled insight of your fleet.

    From Connected Cars To Connected Ships

    The Digital Revolution Is Hitting The Shores Of The Marine Industry

    The marine industry has been transforming for several years. Currently available digital tools are creating smart ships which are enhancing efficiencies, cutting carbon emissions and increasing productivity within the marine industry.

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