Speed operator response and increase efficiency

iFIX leverages the latest HMI/SCADA technologies that deliver faster time-to-insight and greater efficiency for operators while providing rapid application development for system integrators. In addition to a new HTML5 optional interface, iFIX 5.9 features a new graphical engine to modernize the HMI/SCADA experience. The intuitive user experience reduces operator errors and improves response time to events and incidents. This new generation of software combines proven HMI/SCADA capabilities—used by thousands of organizations around the globe-with new advanced features to deliver best-in-class results.


Drive decision support for operators with high-performance visualization.


Discover how your operators can increase performance. See iFIX in action.

Benefits of iFIX

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    Improve situational awareness

    Speed response with modern screens based on a powerful, new graphical engine and high performance HMI with model-based navigation.

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    Decrease time-to-solution

    Move toward autogenerating HMI/SCADA solution and take advantage of zero deployment clients with centralized management.

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    Achieve visualization anywhere, anytime

    Enable action with visualization where you need it with native responsive web design.

Features of iFIX

High performance HMI | iFIX | GE Digital

High performance HMI

With a new graphical engine, iFIX modernizes visualization. Take advantage of a completely refreshed workspace with features that include anti-aliasing for picture shapes, time lapse playback for historical data, updated ribbon bars and menu options, high performance graphics, and more.


Rapid application development

To help engineers create the right user experience, iFIX contains pre-defined objects and templates designed using high performance HMI concepts. Effective layouts are also available out of the box. Save time with a unique concept of flexible assembly of graphical content using external HTML5 editors.

Rapid application development | iFIX software | HMI SCADA
Easy upgrades | iFIX software | HMI SCADA | GE Digital

Easier upgrades made reliable and secure by design

At GE, we use our own HMI/SCADA software. We demand the highest reliability, including during version upgrades, and we test continuously. Unlike some other HMI/SCADA software, iFIX is not Java based. Rest easy with proven, best-in-class, secure-by-design HMI/SCADA software, without having to constantly upgrade. Reduce risk with iFIX.


Context-rich, model-based navigation

iFIX makes it easier to find information by changing as the user moves through the system. Navigation derives from the model structure built by the engineer. The context follows the asset definition and is defined only once for a class of assets. This prescribed experience provides the operator with the most relevant information-in context- and minimizes the effort to find it.

Context-rich, model-based navigation in iFIX software from GE Digital
Intelligent alarming | HMI SCADA software | GE Digital

Intelligent alarming

Even the best operators make mistakes, which can lead to higher costs and increased risk. Use modern alarming technologies to eliminate alarm noise by sending the alarms that matter and drive the right corrective actions through instructed prioritized alerts.


Highly extensible architecture, hundreds of drivers

Maximize your options with HMI/SCADA that can extend-including iFIX embedded, stand-alone machine visualization, or a large networked system with many distributed clients and servers. No matter how complex the application, iFIX appears as a single, high performance integrated system.

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Enhance the Performance of iFIX

iFIX HMI SCADA helps an industrial operator in a control room.

Other iFIX options to further improve operator efficiency

In addition to our industry-leading core iFIX technology, take advantage of a range of options that extend the capabilities even farther. From reporting to batch execution, iFIX has options to meet all of your needs and enable the High Performance operator.


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