GE software for Healthcare Providers

Improving Outcomes

The GE Health Cloud is intended to give healthcare providers access to the largest ecosystem of healthcare applications running in the cloud. This one-stop shop will provide applications to help healthcare organizations streamline operations and improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

More Time for Patient Care

Healthcare providers
  1. Deliver Value-based Care
    Deliver Value-based Care
    A single portal, with integrated security and identity management will host applications from the enterprise app store. Innovative applications developed by GE Healthcare and leading independent software vendors will cover care areas including neurology, cardiology, radiology and surgery.
  2. Gain Actionable Insight
    Gain Actionable Insight
    With its open connectivity framework, the GE Health Cloud can connect and host large volumes of data generated by existing devices, machines and various data sources. Healthcare systems will track performance metrics from their own data and identify areas for improvement either within a department or across the enterprise.
  3. Standardize on a Trusted Platform
    Standardize on a Trusted Platform
    A secure and scalable platform allowing healthcare systems to modernize their legacy infrastructure while minimizing risk. Healthcare systems can reduce IT infrastructure costs while eliminating high upfront investments in favor of flexible, subscription-based payments with elastic compute and storage capacity.

    Enterprise Imaging Apps


    Robust Partner Ecosystem


    Independent software vendors and global systems integrators will build their applications on the GE Health Cloud. With new developers continually joining the ecosystem, the GE Health Cloud will offer a wide range of solutions to address challenges across the delivery system.

    Featured partners in the GE Health Cloud ecosystem include:


    Built for the digital industrial era

    The GE Health Cloud is built on Predix, GE's platform for the Industrial Internet, and customized to meet the specific needs of the healthcare environment, including security, interoperability, scalability, analytics, connectivity and regulatory compliance.