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Plan, Design, and Build OT Cyber Security

As industrial connectivity expands, improving the security of your operational technology (OT) is critical for digital success. That’s where security and quality testing come in. GE Digital’s cyber security and test professionals can help you apply best practices to your industrial process environments to help ensure operational resilience across your people, processes, and technology.


Strategies for Securing OT Environments

Services to Improve the Security of Operational Technology

Cyber security requires taking a proactive approach to maintain asset and network safety—and stop cyber attacks from happening. By partnering with GE Digital’s Cyber Security Services, we will work with you to uncover existing weaknesses, map out potential future risks, and recommend mitigation strategies.

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  1. Develop
    Develop products with more robust protection. Build-in cyber security from the start.
  2. Enhance
    Increase the reliability, integrity, availability, confidentiality, and safety of products.
  3. Protect
    Employ security best practices to increase the security posture of your network.
  4. Prepare
    Proactively manage operations instead of reacting to attacks.

    Cyber Security Services Suite

    Cyber Security Certification

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    GE Digital’s certification services enable product suppliers, system integrators, and maintenance service providers to formally illustrate compliance with industry standards such as Achilles Communications Certification and IEC 62443-2-4, IEC 62443-3-3, etc. Achilles Certification is recognized as the industry standard for both verifying network robustness and validating security best practices.


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