5 Cyber Security Imperatives for Power Leaders

Proactive power leaders have begun connecting the dots between positive business growth and the criticality of security.


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  1. Reduce Cyber Attack Risk

    Reduce Cyber Attack Risk

    Secure key assets, SCADA/ICS systems, and network infrastructure.
  2. Proactively Identify Vulnerabilities

    Proactively Identify Vulnerabilities

    Complete a comprehensive inventory and gain full understanding of vulnerabilities across your enterprise.
  3. Improve Operational Reliability

    Improve Operational Reliability

    Mitigate business risk and ensure continuous operation, avoiding unplanned downtime.
  4. Adhere to Regulatory Compliance, such as NERC CIP

    Adhere to Regulatory Compliance, such as NERC CIP

    Address vulnerabilities without disrupting operations, adhering to federally mandated requirements.

    Suite Overview

    Cyber Security for Power & Utility

    Forward-thinking power leaders are putting enhanced risk management programs in place to assess their vulnerability, protect their systems, and proactively defend their power plant environments.

    The nature of security attacks is ever evolving and requires continuous vigilance to combat. GE has been serving the power industry for decades and offers a comprehensive set of cyber security solutions, built on experience and Predix, our platform for the Industrial Internet.

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    Cyber Security for Power

    Digital Solution Responses

    Cyber attacks on power generation and utility facilities are on the rise. Reliance on control systems, networks and automation can open vulnerabilities. Learn strategies recommended by U.S. Homeland Security and see digital can provide strong defenses against cyber attacks.


    Set Your Security Strategy

    Discover Your Risk Exposure

    Begin your cyber security strategy by identifying and initiating the following stages along a security maturity model that measures risk vs. maturity: Assess, Protect and Prevent.

    Suite Benefits

    1. Assess Your Risks

      Identify Immediate Issues Impacting Operations

      Common findings include unapproved wireless access points or unsafe software — vulnerabilities that attackers can easily exploit. Identification enables developing a maturity model based security program.
    2. Protect Against Exposure

      Implement Security Monitoring an Defensive Layers

      Lower risk of exploits by using purpose-built industrial control security equipment. Set up automation and patch management tools to simplify security administration. Train teams on what to look for and how to respond to cyber threats.
    3. Prevent Future Threats

      Pursue Proactive and Preventative Security Measures

      “Digital twins” replicate operating environments and simulate defenses to measure threat impact and improve security. Regular assessments and security health checks monitor dynamic environments.

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      A Cyber Security Assessment

      Begin your cyber security journey through a clear understanding of the latest cyber security threats, and the effectiveness of your security policies that defend against those threats.

      Assess and Prevent Risk

      Why Cyber Risk Should Be Treated Like an Unlocked Car

      GE’s products and services assist power generation customers in meeting NERC CIP mandatory standards (required compliance by July 1, 2016), and reduce the likelihood of a compliance event. An event would result in a fine of $1MM per day.