Precisely monitor and control every aspect of your operations with high performance HMI/SCADA

As a proven automation platform, CIMPLICITY from GE Digital provides true client-server visualization and control--from single machines to plant locations spanning the world--helping you manage your operations and improve decision making. Based on decades of GE's research and development, CIMPLICITY is the HMI and SCADA of choice for the world's largest organizations. For applications of all sizes, CIMPLICITY can help deliver faster response, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Our latest version enables high performance HMI to speed operator actions, offers secure-by-design connectivity and certification management, and enhances modeling for repeatability and time savings.

Benefits of CIMPLICITY

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    Decrease operator response time

    Speed problem detection and response with ISA and GE research-based design concepts for high performance HMI.

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    Accelerate time-to-value

    Deploy solutions faster with CIMPLICITY's enhanced database, easy repeatability, and modeling capabilities.

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    Improve security

    Reduce the threat of cyber attacks with overall certificate-based communications.

Features of CIMPLICITY

CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA software from GE Digital situation awareness screenshot

Situational awareness

CIMPLICITY changes the user experience by enabling high performance HMI visualization. The overall HMI layout provides users with the most informed, personalized view of the problem or task at hand -enabling faster response and fewer errors.


Faster configuration and deployment

With CIMPLICITY, you can use classes and objects for building a structured database quickly. Modeling allows you to create templated applications for repeatable assets, which can be leveraged in both existing clients and new Web HMI. Employ object-oriented design for easy repeatability and faster time-to-value through modeled context.

CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA software from GE Digital faster configuration screenshot
CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA software from GE Digital highly reliable screenshot

Highly reliable

Unlike some HMI/SCADA software, CIMPLICITY is not Java based. Instead, you can reduce risk with a proven platform, deeply tested, with precise upgrades. We're using CIMPLICITY software, too, in our own plants-and it works.


Superior alarm capabilities

Leveraging OPC UA, CIMPLICITY allows OPC UA alarm clients to collect and display active alarm details for cross-application viewing and faster response. The OPC UA Server supports alarm filtering, acknowledgments and comments, and alarm shelving. Additionally, CIMPLICITY's Alarm Cast provides advanced, real-time notification.

CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA software from GE Digital alarm visibility screenshot
CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA software from GE Digital OPC UA

OPC UA connectivity and security

With OPC UA Server support for modeled data, CIMPLICITY helps you aggregate systems for a single connection to your SCADA and consolidated views. Additionally, CIMPLICITY's Global Discovery Server reduces threats from cyber attacks with overall certificate-based communication. Achilles Practices Certification further demonstrates superior secure-by-design technology.


Rich features, extensive drivers

CIMPLICITY offers one of the richest HMI/SCADA feature sets. As an example, our powerful Digital Graphic Replay add-on recorder lets your team analyze events that occurred in the past. Also, our GE-tested I/O drivers enable robust communication to thousands of mixed vendor devices and instruments.

CIMPLICITY HMI SCADA software from GE Digital screenshot showing rich features

Enhance the Performance of CIMPLICITY

HMI SCADA CIMPLICITY helps automotive manufacturers improve operator speed

Additional options to deliver faster operator response

Going beyond traditional visualization and control, CIMPLICITY includes a family of options that extends its industry-leading capabilities. Whether you need reporting, browser visualization, or a plethora of drivers, GE Digital has a solution to match your HMI/SCADA requirements.


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