Data analytics for business optimization

See How Digital Drives Bottom Line Success

Gathering real-time generation data, grid demand, fuel pricing and other factors into an optimization equation drives more refined trading and portfolio decisions.


Suite Features

Data analytics for business optimization
  1. Greater transparency and visibility

    Greater transparency and visibility

    Real time visibility into plant capacities and market opportunities.
  2. Increased revenue and profits

    Increased revenue and profits

    Schedule and plan the portfolio to maximize profit.
  3. Streamlined external communications

    Streamlined external communications

    Coordinated communication between regulatory, market and portfolio entities
  4. Improved financial visibility

    Improved financial visibility

    Financial forecasting, settlements, accounting and performance metrics.

    Business Optimization

    Business Optimization is designed to help power producers leverage predictive analytics to make improved decisions around power trading, fuel purchases and portfolio management. The solution provides more accuracy in predicting output capacity and improving operating insights to intelligently make dispatch and trading decisions for the most financially positive outcomes possible, incremental revenues and margin.

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    How to Get Started

    A Power Digital Assessment

    Begin your digital journey through a simple Digital Assessment performed by GE’s power generation, digital, and cyber security experts. Identify areas of improvement for a single plant, then scale the findings across your entire fleet.