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Control. Accelerate. Monetize.

Streamlined business operations (BizOps) are critical to winning new customers and growing recurring revenue. BizOps from GE Digital makes it simple to keep up with frequent deployments and iteration cycles while also controlling multi-channel environments and managing numerous business models to keep customers satisfied. Expedite time-to-value without disrupting your traditional business operations.

Nurego and its BizOps solution were recently acquired by GE Digital.

Improve Revenue Generation and Maximize Profits

Invest in the right product, customer segment, and distribution channel

Data analytics for business optimization
  1. Accelerate Business Innovation Cycles
    Accelerate Business Innovation Cycles
    Start with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and invest smartly, based on what your customers care about, to increase engagement and recurring revenues while saving on operational costs. Also, optimize new and existing offerings to enable quick response while acquiring customers and keeping them engaged.
  2. Acquire & Retain Customers
    Acquire & Retain Customers
    Manage every customer, segment, or distribution channel while monitoring the efficiency of every channel—whether it is online sales, direct sales, or resellers.
  3. Maximize Revenue per Customer
    Maximize Revenue per Customer
    Constantly develop and maintain multiple business and revenue models to increase average revenue per customer, profit, and growth.
  4. Expedite Time-to-Value
    Expedite Time-to-Value
    Automate key operational processes that affect customer experience and reduce acquisition costs and cost-to serve, from first deployment to minimize investment risks and speed up time-to-market. Free your developers to focus on building industrial-strength products that keep customers engaged.
  5. Minimize Disruption to Existing Business Operations
    Minimize Disruption to Existing Business Operations
    Streamline your existing opportunity-to-cash processes and systems to save development resources and create a holistic customer experience.

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