Asset Software for Rail GE Diigtal

Smart, connected rail assets

GE Digital's software provides smarter ways to connect and monitor assets to improve train performance. It all starts with the GoLINC™ platform – a product of GE’s investment in the Industrial Internet and Predix™. GoLINC™ is a network communication and application management platform that turns any locomotive into a Mobile Data Center. It’s been referred to as the “brain of the train” and has been installed on more than 7,000 locomotives to date. GoLINC interfaces with both on-board and off-board GE, customer and partner systems to create a powerful edge-to-cloud enabled device and drive better outcomes.

Delivering Outcomes

  1. Increase train hauling capacity

    Increase train hauling capacity

    Enable longer heavier trains with LOCOTROL Distributed Power
  2. Increase fuel efficiency

    Increase fuel efficiency

    Optimize fuel consumption using EPA-certified Trip Optimizer locomotive cruise control system
  3. Improve productivity

    Improve productivity

    Monitor & detect in real-time broken rails, flat wheels, hot wheel bearings using sensors and video analytics and provide notification
  4. Reduce train delays

    Reduce train delays

    Monitor locomotive health status and performance in real time to enable proactive maintenance. Make smarter, faster locomotive assignment decisions

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