Schedule downtime and control costs

With APM Reliability, part of Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM), asset-intensive organizations can leverage advanced predictive diagnostics to analyze data, and detect and diagnose asset issues before they occur. This allows companies to schedule downtime and control costs on their own terms. 

APM Reliability is designed to work across all assets (fixed, rotating, and non-rotating), all equipment types and manufacturers (GE and non-GE), and all industries—across the plant and across the enterprise.

Benefits of APM Reliability

Along with enabling customers to effectively predict potential failures proactively, APM Reliability also helps customers collaborate on resolution, measure effectiveness, and continuously improve.



Collaborate across functional teams to make better operational and maintenance decisions.



Measure the effectiveness of asset strategies to know when corrections are warranted.



Develop and retain best practices from an ever-changing workforce to continuously improve decision making.

Features of APM Reliability

APM Reliability digital twin blueprints, software screenshot

Digital twin blueprints

Digital twin blueprints enable the analyst to anticipate or identify failure of an asset with longer lead time to improve reliability and performance by modeling the asset’s expected versus observed states. The analyst can leverage structured time-series data and unstructured data, including process parameters and condition alerts, in the context of the assigned maintenance strategy and actual maintenance performed. It can also compare operating conditions and performance with other like assets.

Root cause analysis (RCA)

RCA helps equipment owners have a better understanding and analysis of the underlying causes of failure and captures and institutionalizes that information to help prevent future occurrences.

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APM Reliability root cause analysis, APM software screenshot
APM Reliability reliability analysis, software screenshot

Reliability analysis

Reliability analysis provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help better understand causes of asset failure patterns and the true cost of failure. Understanding the historical costs, failure frequencies, and trends of production assets in a critical component of any asset performance management program.

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