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Discover how real-time asset monitoring delivers increased reliability and availability

50% of asset-intensive organizations will use asset performance management (APM) by 2018. To help you get started, we've created an Analytics Primer for Power & Utility executives. Familiarize yourself with the basics and learn how to seize your analytic advantage.


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  1. Improve Reliability and Availability

    Improve Reliability and Availability

    Predict and diagnose asset failures with enough lead time to effectively plan maintenance.
  2. Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Create a maintenance strategy that increases reliability while reducing overall maintenance.
  3. Maintain Technical Expertise

    Maintain Technical Expertise

    Build a unified and accurate view of current assets and draw from past issue resolution.
  4. Build Analytics Ecosystem

    Build Analytics Ecosystem

    Increase velocity of analytics development and deployment to optimize asset value.

    Suite Overview

    Asset Performance Management (APM) is a software application designed to increase asset reliability and availability while reducing unnecessary maintenance. APM connects disparate data sources and uses advanced analytics to turn that data into actionable insights while fostering collaboration and knowledge management across the organization. A cloud solution, built on the Predix Platform, APM gives organizations flexibility to develop analytics and applications, making it adaptable to meet changing needs.

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    APM for Power & Utility Demo

    See APM in action

    Watch a short video to see how APM helps users identify and resolve equipment issues. Discover how equipment is performing across your plant and fleet in a single dashboard that can be customized for any role in the organization.

    APM Outcomes

    1. $3M/yr

      Savings From Early Detection
      Savings From Early Detection
      APM improves reliability with advanced proprietary analytics that predict potential equipment failures to effectively plan maintenance.
    2. €2MM/yr

      Cost Reduction and Avoidance Over First Year
      Cost Reduction and Avoidance Over First Year
      APM draws from an ecosystem that speeds the process by which new analytics are developed and deployed, enabling operators to draw insights more quickly and drive cost-saving actions.
    3. £6MM/yr

      Cost Savings From Insurance
      Cost Savings From Insurance
      APM provides immediate visual reference of the status of your various plants across geographical locations, and uses sensor analysis, anomaly detection & KPIs to present current status and health of these assets.

      APM Drives Economic Value


      Today’s power operators can use a digital ecosystem to provide on-going operational productivity—protecting against risk while pursuing opportunities and increasing economic value, while reducing total cost. Learn how to apply advanced analytics in even the most complex operating environments.



      How to Get Started

      Begin your digital journey through a simple Digital Assessment performed by GE’s power generation, digital, and cyber security experts. Identify areas of improvement for a single plant, then scale the findings across your entire fleet.

      Discover the Power of APM with GE and Bord Gais

      1. 60-minute webinar with Bord Gais Energy and GE experts, detailing how to harness APM to improve performance across your assets
        60-minute webinar with Bord Gais Energy and GE experts, detailing how to harness APM to improve performance across your assets
        Using Predix applications in industrial environments to optimize industrial performance

        One million terabytes per day … that’s how much data Predix will process by 2020

        Predix is enabling the adoption of powerful, secure, and scalable solutions to help minimize downtime and improve asset reliability. That’s industrial-strength strength you can count on.

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