Achilles Test Platform

Proactively Identifying And Fixing Vulnerabilities

As technology continues to drive towards more open and connected networks, mission critical systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. That’s why ensuring the safety and security of your ICS environment is paramount. Achilles Test Platform (ATP) from GE Digital is a unique test solution that enables you to conduct comprehensive quality testing throughout the product development lifecycle.

Achilles tested. Achilles certified.

Increase Productivity And Effectiveness

Save Time and Money by Finding Bugs Early

By identifying and fixing vulnerabilities proactively, manufacturers can save time and cost, while preserving product reputation and conforming with industry standards and requirements. Achilles Test Platform discovers vulnerabilities, and allows faults to be reproduced, isolated, identified before products are introduced to the market.

GE Digital Maintenance Optimization
  1. Tests communication robustness
    Tests communication robustness
    Execute a variety of fuzzing and denial-of-service tests against a target and verifies whether the device continues to operate normally.
  2. Monitors Device Functionality
    Monitors Device Functionality
    With the aid of Achilles Monitors, monitor and verify specific aspects of the device’s functionality, such as responsiveness to network traffic and timing of analog and discrete outputs.
  3. Discovers vulnerabilities
    Discovers vulnerabilities
    Find unknown vulnerabilities and zero days through the Achilles Grammar and Fuzzer tests. Achilles Grammars employs model-based fuzzing techniques designed to find problems in protocol specifications.
  4. Tests implementation of industry protocols
    Tests implementation of industry protocols
    Covers a number of OT protocols such as Modbus, MMS, DNP3, Ethernet/IP, and PROFINET. Standard TCP/IP protocols such as Ethernet, IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP, and Telnet are also supported.

    Achilles Test Software

    Cyber Security for Oil & Gas

    Test Earlier in the Product Development Life Cycle

    The Achilles Test Software from GE Digital is the software-only version of the Achilles Test Platform. With testing capabilities similar to the ATP but in a more economical and easier-to-distribute format, it is designed to be deployed throughout an organization and particularly to developers, enabling testing earlier in the development process.


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