GE Mining customer Teck Resources and partner Hatch recently attended Minds+Machines 2013and sat down to share their excitement about the potential that the Industrial Internet holds for their sector.

Mike Bonneau, general manager for operational excellence at Teck Resources, admitted, "Our haul trucks have over 200 different sensors on them, and we've had that capability for the last 15-20 years, but we really haven't taken full advantage of all the data that's coming off those pieces of equipment." Looking ahead, though, Bonneau sees the opportunity to harness the data to improve reliability and operations uptime and cut maintenance costs. "Ideally we want to establish a culture of continuous improvement across our entire organization," he says.


Similarly, GE partner Hatch sees business transformation ahead for its consulting customers in the mining space. Hatch worked with GE to develop Proficy MaxxMine, a GE Predictivity solution for mining companies. According to Bruce MacKay, Hatch's managing director for systems & process control, "If you have the MaxxMine solution… somebody is keeping an eye on things for you and can identify where the problem might be and what to do about it…. It allows the clients to plan ahead, the downtime can be organized so that it doesn't cost a lot, and they can minimize any impact to their production schedule."