Jeff Immelt Launches Centricity 360™ @ RSNA

On December 2, more than 55,000 medical professionals converged on McCormick Place in Chicago for the annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The premier healthcare tradeshow of the year, RSNA has historically served as center stage for GE to unveil imaging innovations. (To name just one example, GE displayed the first commercially available MR scanner at RSNA in 1983.)

This year upheld that tradition, with Chairman Jeff Immelt stopping by GE Healthcare’s 18,000-square-foot booth to make key announcements, including the launch of Centricity 360™, from GE Predictivity™ and powered by GE’s Predix™ software platform for the Industrial Internet.

Centricity 360 is a professional social network for clinical collaboration.  Through a suite of on-demand medical imaging applications, distributed care teams can collaborate on patient cases in near real-time. Because the applications and the collaboration tools are available through an enterprise-grade cloud services platform, no upfront investment is required from clinical users, patients, or integrated delivery networks to use Centricity 360’s services.

Powerful organizational benefits and positive patient outcomes are the result. Centricity 360 streamlines clinical collaboration among unaffiliated caregivers and patients to help reduce duplicate testing, avoid unnecessary patient transfers, and lower diagnostic imaging distribution costs.

In launching the solution, Immelt declared: “The big technology trend that we are all part of today is the physical world meeting the analytical world. So the science of materials and technology that have been a part of GE for generations is now meeting sensing technology, analytics, information technology, and we think this is going to provide better outcomes for our customers, our doctors, the hospital CEOs, and will really represent new waves of technology in the future."

Echoing this sentiment, Jan De Witte, president and CEO of GE’s Healthcare IT and Performance Solutions division, stated: "Centricity 360 will bring the power of the Industrial Internet to healthcare. It will allow big data analytics and collaboration to drive outcomes for patients."

The first collaboration partner for Centricity 360 will be Kadlec Health System. Other collaboration partners (US and Europe) are in process and planned for early next year. Read more in the GE press release.