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Application productivity and control are key for developer teams to deliver industrial outcomes on time and on budget. Predix Platform offers two development paths designed to accommodate both your industrial use case and development teams. We define these two paths as high-control and high-productivity. As the names suggest, high-control gives users more flexibility which requires full stack development skills and high-productivity gives users a low code environment with guardrails so that industrial subject matter experts can build applications on their own.

High-productivity development environment

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Predix Studio is a low-code, high productivity visual application builder designed to accelerate time-to-value by simplifying the building and extending of industrial applications. With Predix Studio, subject matter experts from operations, IT, or line of business, with deep domain expertise, are empowered to codify that knowledge with a low code tool. We call these experts "citizen developers"-who have deep domain exertise, but little to no full stack development skills. Predix Studio lowers the barriers to entry for rapidly building, testing, and running IIoT solutions.

High-control development environment

Predix Platform offers full-stack developers a variety of tools designed to help create, deploy, operate, and monetize apps. Predix Platform improves productivity across the development cycle by streamlining the routine aspects of app creation and lowering the barriers to entry with modular microservices that form the basis of new apps. Use your desired programming language to start building your industrial applications. Predix Platform provides developers with a framework to communicate with our industrial solution-oriented services. Its modular design offers a consistent look and feel, as well as a contextual user experience in both web and mobile applications.

Predix software engineer developing industrial apps

Predix Platform Features

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