What is Predix Operations Performance Management?

Predix Operations Performance Management (Predix OPM) is a complete control-to-cloud optimization solution. Predix OPM optimizes the performance of plants, sites, and enterprises by stabilizing operations and optimizing yield, quality, and efficiency.

Predix OPM supports operational decision making, so industrial organizations can rapidly respond to changing conditions. It provides accurate, clear, and complete situational awareness to help maximize outcomes.

Predix OPM is deployed where needed, on-premises and in the cloud, powered by Predix Platform—enabling industrial-scale analytics and bringing the right data to bear, at the right time, to drive better operating decisions.

Industrial operator using Operations Performance Management (OPM) software
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Drive operational intelligence with Predix Operations Performance Management



Maximize plant production and margins through an efficient and flexible operating planning process



Utilize real-time financial projections for revenue and profit for plant or fleet



Leverage output projection and price curves to project cost, revenue, and margin to ensure targets are met


Faster time-to-value

Faster time-to-value through an out-of-the box key performance indicator (KPI) catalog of complex performance and financial KPI calculations, including revenue, process efficiency, and process performance


Efficient analysis

Efficient analysis of loss events (production loss or generation availability), including the impact, root cause, and remediation approach to ensure continuous improvement



Confidence that the operating plan will not exceed business constraints, including emissions and production plan

Maximize performance and productivity

Screenshot, Operational Performance Management (OPM) software

Operational Intelligence

The Operational Intelligence solution helps customers increase operating efficiencies and proactively address deviations in business KPIs.

  • Throughput and margin KPIs

    Accelerate time-to-value for plant managers and process engineers through a KPI catalog giving complex performance and financial KPI calculations including revenue, process efficiency, and process performance. The Spark runtime and streaming analytics allow for near real-time enterprise level visibility into key KPIs for the enterprise.

  • Loss analysis

    The loss analysis capability allows for tracking production events as well as the actual production achieved.

  • Benchmarking

    With the benchmarking capability easily compare KPIs between multiple sites and the ability to drill-down on contributing factors.

Forecasting & What-if Analysis

The Forecasting & What-if Analysis solution uses scenario analysis and planning to help ensure customers are executing towards the best outcomes for their businesses. This solution utilizes sophisticated digital twin models to drive planning scenarios that reflect plant and site actual performance.

Process Troubleshooter
The process troubleshooter capability enables visualization of the process data, calculation of operating regimes, and detailed analysis. Users can analyze detailed process information to derive insight including, contributor to golden batch versus bad batch.

OPM software screenshot showing what if analysis
OPM software process and production screenshot | GE Digital

Process & Production Optimization

The Process & Production Optimization solution provides real-time analytics and process controls for site-level process optimization across people, revenue, costs, and emissions to maximize profitability within the fixed constraints of a business.

Process Optimization
The process optimization capability enables customers to run the optimization routines on-site and coordinate with the cloud to ensure the models utilized are the most current.