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Independent Software Providers

Rapidly move from ideation to application

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What is an independent software provider?


Independent software providers (ISVs) specialize in the development and sales of commercial software solutions that are easy to deploy and designed to get up and running quickly.


For GE Digital, ISV solutions can function on a standalone basis or compliment a specific GE Digital product. It can be created from an out-of-the-box microservice and analytic offerings that serve as a building block within Predix Platform. This helps developers build and deploy more easily and quickly.

Benefits of becoming an ISV partner


Built on Predix Platform, ISV developers can create and deploy applications agilely.


To get your solution up and running, a certification process has been established for ISVs to ensure the launch is successful.


As force multipliers, ISVs build tools that enable Predix Platform users, provide adjacent capabilities for end-to-end business needs, produce complimentary applications for GE Digital products, and extend the power of Predix Platform with microservices and analytics.


We saw Predix as a platform that is very rich and deep. And if you choose, you can code your way up, or if you’re a business user, a solution architect, a sales guy, a pre-sales guy, bring all those capabilities in—without a line of code. That’s what Decisyon’s App Composer does for us on Predix. GE has created an ecosystem, and that’s a beautiful thing. GE can leverage the best of solutions and services and microservices from the other partners in this ecosystem. That gives us tremendous advantage of bringing the power of many brains, many solutions together—on top of Predix.