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Headquarters: Barcelona, ES

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At Opertek we are experts in Industrial Automation, Digitalization and Cybersecurity. We offer a complete vision, from the PLC to the Cloud. The company's goal is to offer the right solution for each company, ensuring success and competitive advantage.

We provide software and hardware solutions for Industrial Automation, Operations Management and Industry 4.0. From SCADA to IoT projects using Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud solutions. Our focus is always to improve productivity, quality, safety and efficiency.

Besides prescribing and supplying these technologies, our engineering team provides post-sales, technical support and training services. We train Operations (maintenance, engineering, production ...) and IT staff on HMI/SCADA and Operations Management (MES, MOM) technologies.

We work in multiple sectors, including Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Water, Energy and Infrastructure Management industries.

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