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Beijing Dongfang Dingchen Technology

Headquarters: Beijing, CN

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Beijing DongFangDingChen Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise concentrate on industrial automation products sales and control system integration. DFDC is committed to providing customers with innovative, reliable and high-performance automation solutions to improve productivity and competitiveness.
As the distributor and the only technical training center of GE Digital China North region, DFDC can provide professional training with special training rooms & demonstration equipment and authorized trainers. DFDC has always focused on technology upgrade & innovation and continuously expanded the investment in research and development of new technologies and products, building a systematic, practical and standardized genealogy of independent products, and have been validated in many projects.
Being industrial informatization pioneer is always vision of DFDC. Constantly meeting the customer's expectation of product diversification and high quality, we are engaging to create the better future with our constant efforts, and make a contribution to the development of industrial automation and informatization in China.

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