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OT Insights for IT – Webinar Series

OT insights for IT

Get Operations Technology (OT) advice and best practices from experts in Industrial & Manufacturing IT. Learn how to reduce costs, complexity, and cybersecurity risk. Webinars include:

  • Smart Factory for First Time Right: Managing Orders, Non-Conformance & Traceability - Watch Video
  • OT Data in the Cloud: Security, Savings, Simplicity - Watch Video
  • Consolidate SCADA Systems - Watch Video
  • Smart Factory Enterprise: Optimize Multi-Site Operations with Enterprise-Scale MES - Watch Video

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Smart Factory for First Time Right

Smart Factory Right First Time

Managing Orders, Non-Conformance & Traceability

Learn how today's Smart Factory can:

  • Track actual labor with digitized records by type (setup, running, rework, etc.)
  • Keep ERP up to date in real time – reducing raw material, WIP, and finished goods inventory and achieving more accurate scheduling, shipping dates, and customer service responses
  • Manage orders and WIP: Prioritize, view instant status, summary, full history
  • Manage routes: Operations, documents, BOM, properties
  • Deliver genealogy/traceability: BOM, material consumption, quality parameters, etc.
  • Manage non-conformance and drive root cause analysis
  • Provide the right UX to the right persona: assembly, component, job shops


Operations (OT) Data in the Cloud

OT Data in the Cloud

How to Maximize Security, Savings & Simplicity

On-Demand Video Now Available


How do you move OT data to the cloud at scale and at an affordable cost?


In this webinar, OT data and systems experts share the steps to:


  • Use your existing enterprise IT cloud infrastructure
  • Simplify OT data aggregation with a cloud-native historian
  • Ensure cybersecurity with best practices
  • Minimize cost while meeting IT strategy
  • Integrate with cloud-based BI and analytics platforms
  • Get OT data context with an asset model service

Consolidate SCADA Systems

Consolidate SCADA

​​​​​​​How to Decrease Costs, Increase Visibility & Improve Security

On-Demand Video Now Available


How many SCADA systems are you maintaining across your enterprise? What are the costs and risks?


In this webinar, SCADA experts share the steps to:


  • Uncover your costs and risks from multiple SCADA systems
  • Maximize SCADA cybersecurity
  • Enable remote operators and centralized experts with enterprise SCADA
  • Achieve better OT visibility and insights
  • Calculate ROI to modernize and standardize
  • Future proof your SCADA for cloud, scalability, remote operations, and mobility

The Smart Factory Enterprise

Smart Factory

Optimize Multi-Site Operations with Enterprise-Scale MES

On-Demand Video Now Available


How much are your manufacturing point solutions costing you in technical debt, cybersecurity risk, and support resources? How about your ability to optimize?


An enterprise-scale MES spans multi-site, mixed manufacturing to enable a unified Smart Factory enterprise – decreasing costs, data silos, complexity, and risk.


  • Expose valuable machine and handwritten data in a structured, cloud-enabled context  
  • Span manufacturing – whether process, discrete or mixed; simple or complex
  • Drive a single source of truth with standard KPIs
  • Architect a multi-site system for integration, cloud, mobility, and cybersecurity
  • Accelerate with out-of-the-box and no-code apps, enabling Connected Workers and Citizen Developers